How Do I get my letting agent to set up an SAT?

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    How Do I get my letting agent to set up an SAT?

    It would be better for me to let on SAT basis with Ground 1 notice rather than AST, but as I suspected my letting agent won't do this. Their response to my request was

    "We only use our own Assured Shorthold Tenancy which is approved by ARLA as we have to offer our tenants a certain level of protection"

    Is this likely to be the response of most letting agents?

    Yes I would imagine so.

    If you are unsure about what to do seek professional Legal advice.


      Originally posted by House View Post
      Yes I would imagine so.
      ....generally because most agents don't understand much (if any) housing law, or even if they do, are simply unable to exercise any form of professional judgement.

      Magic, I'm afraid the agent you approached has fundamentally misunderstood both the nature of the principal/agent relationship and the nature of an assured tenancy, for the following reasons:

      1) The agent works for you and must follow your lawful and reasonable instructions. They are not there, as they put it "to offer a certain protection to tenants"

      2) Even if they did have a duty to offer "protection to tenants" (which they don't), an assured tenancy actually offers more protection than an AST!!!

      What a bunch of muppets

      In short, find another agent that knows what they are doing.............
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      I try my best to be accurate, but please bear in mind that some posts are written in a matter of seconds and often cannot be edited later on.

      All information contained in my posts is given without any assumption of responsibility on my part. This means that if you rely on my advice but it turns out to be wrong and you suffer losses (of any kind) as a result, then you cannot sue me.


        I did have a chuckle at the offer reasonable protection to tenants bit.

        and agent46 is right about agents I was sadly to lazy to type it

        The days I advise clients that their landlord accidently granted them an Assured Tenancy (usually through a letting agent betweem 89-97) are always nice ones.

        If you are unsure about what to do seek professional Legal advice.


          Thank you for your replies. I did try another agent who said they had NEVER heard of SAT or Ground 1 Notice. I have already explained to the Letting Agent that the SAT provides as much security of tenure as the AST but they don't believe me/are not interested.

          These two agents are probably better than the others in my area, who although perfectly pleasant face to face would never answer emails. A previous agent I had would never answer my questions and was completely obstructive.

          Sorry - realise I'm just whinging and no-one can help me in this matter. My house is not in the London area and so I don't have agents falling over thwemselves to get my business. They have a much more take it or leave it attitude ... and CERTAINLY the landlord is NOT treated as a customer.


            You can draw up your own SAT agreement, buy one from a stationer, pay a solicitor to draw one up.

            Negotiate a price with an agent to find, credit-check and reference prospective tenants; handle a deposit if you choose to take one. Make sure the agent knows right from the start that you are providing your own agreement and you do not want their fee to include writing another one.

            Remember who the customer is…


              Originally posted by Magic View Post
              Thank you for your replies. I did try another agent who said they had NEVER heard of SAT .
              To be fair, SAT is not a term bandied about that often, they are more likely to know the difference between an "Assured" and an "Assured Shorthold" tenancy.
              All posts in good faith, but do not rely on them

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              You can search the forums here:


                Whether you have heard of a SAT or not is not really the point.

                If your client (the LL) asks you to draw up a certain contract and you don't know what it is then you can go away, look it up, see if it is suitable, legal and a good idea and then help your client out.

                I know very little about lodgers rights, but one of my landlords came to me regarding evicting his lodger (I didn't set anything up), but I still looked it up and gave him some friendly advice.

                Kind regards,



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