Tenant gave 2 weeks notice + not paid rent

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  • Tenant gave 2 weeks notice + not paid rent

    Hello I am new to the site but you all seem very wise and I would greatly appreciate your advice.

    My tennant called me late on Friday to tell me she can't live in the house anymore as she has no money she is off work with depression and has no wages or sick pay coming in (she has been off work for over 2 months but did not contact me earlier). She owes me rent for April and wants to leave the house this week. When she called she was paniking and I agreed (verbally) for her to use the deposit as a months rent (I thought she meant for May) but I didn't realise that she had not paid this months rent (April)!

    She seems in a fragile way but I have no tenant to replace her. She has let me down with the money and lack of notice.

    Does anyone have any advice? In the Tenancy Agreement it states that I am supposed to be given 2 months notice.


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    Ok - but she still hasn't given me a month?


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      Stupid compactlaw.co.uk.

      I can't wait for the early repayment fee period on the mortgage to be up and I'll sell the ruddy house. I'm finding being a landlord is too difficult. Previous tenant also a mare.


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        Originally posted by JNWales View Post
        Ok - but she still hasn't given me a month?
        It happens. So, you can try taking her to the small claims court and you might win; but it sounds like she has no money so you might get her a CCJ but get no money from her.

        Or you could just consider that (assuming she hasn't trashed the place) you haven't actually lost money and chalk it up to experience...


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          someone with mental health problems who is broke is not going to be able to do anything about paying your last months rent. help her move out and get the property re-advertised asap and move on..... hope you get a better tenant next time.


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            As it sounds like you have the deposit I take it the tenant moved in before April 2007?

            If you are unsure about what to do seek professional Legal advice.


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