Tenants owe 2 months. AST ends next month. Think they have vanished.

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  • Tenants owe 2 months. AST ends next month. Think they have vanished.

    I let a house to 3 tenants (jointly and severally) on a 6 month AST in Nov. One of them was supposed to pay all the rent and I struggled to get it for the first few months. In Jan he told me he was moving out and had been taking money off the other 2 but not passing it on to me. The other 2 wanted to stay so we sorted out a new standing order form, but not a new AST. I have only had one payment from them since.

    At the moment they owe 2 months but the AST finishes on May 11th. They haven't given notice or said that they are staying. I haven't been able to contact them.

    Should I issue a section 8 or is it too late as the AST is almost over?

    If I can't contact them how do I find out if they have abandoned the house?

    What are my chances of getting the money that they owe if they have dissapeared?

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      The AST isn't almost over as such. Rather the fixed term is finishing and it will then become a statutory periodic AST. A notice on grounds 8, 10 and 11 may be a good idea (may be possible issues with service, but hopefully your tenancy agreement allows service on the property). MIght as well chuck in a sec 21 1b while you're at it presuming any deposit is protected and tenants notified.

      Your difficulty is that you don't know if the tenants are there or not. Surrender if not expressed by way of something in writting by the tenants is a tricky area and for your piece of mind you may wish to get some professional advice. There may well be benefit in getting such advice as it may mean you don't have to pursue your notices.

      If you are unsure about what to do seek professional Legal advice.


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