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    End of AST process.


    I have a 1 year AST that ended April 4th. I gave written notice by email around 4 months before the lease ended. It was acknowledged by landlord and viewings of the property took place etc, my landlord provided me with a reference for my new place, said he got a new tenant, I redirected my mail and so on.

    I moved out two weeks before the lease ended but of course paid my full rent until end of lease. I have been renting the same property for 6 years, with never a late payment.

    On the 3rd April, the day before end of lease, I let in professional cleaners and they cleaned the apartment at my own cost - as per my lease. I obviously have no items there. I have moved out in full weeks ago in fact. I left the two sets of keys on the table, with other keys (bins etc), and let my landlord know I had done this. He acknowledged this was okay in writing rather than me hand them in person (due to virus we are trying to minimise contact).

    That was 11 days ago. I'm yet to recieve an inventory. My landlord, who is harassing me, is insisting I have no right to an inventory (even though lease says I should get one on move out date) unless I sign some document he randomly produced, 3 days after the end of my lease.

    He has made this move out extremely difficult.

    Now he is saying unless I sign a further document, I am liable to keep paying rent and he will persue me for rent. To recap: I've given 4 months notice to leave at end of AST. I dont live there or have keys. I have no mail going there. I have no items there and have had the place professionally cleaned. Have informed council etc that I no longer live there. We have obviously not renewed the lease either. On top of this, for no reason whatsoever, a few weeks before the end of my lease, I recieved 3(!) section 8 eviction notices from him in the mail saying I must be out by the 4th. I had already vacated and paid off my rent until the end of the tenancy. I didnt respond or ask about it because I think all these things are for some reason intended to harass me.

    I'm just checking for my sanity that he is indeed bullying me and

    1) there is no way I can be persued for rent

    2) I should have recieved an inventory by now. It's 10 days since the lease ended and there's nothing in the lease which stipulates i have to jump through any additional hoops to get it.


    3) I am not obliged to have any further contracts or contact with this person, bar getting my inventory and organising the return of my deposit.

    I feel I am being harassed. I have attached the type of correspondence I have had with this person. Also attached is very clearly me having left the keys and so on on the 4th. And then him saying he will persue me for rent on the 8th. 4 days after my lease has ended. Im a young single woman and live alone and my feeling is this wouldnt be happening to someone of a different demographic. Now I feel I'm about to be extorted for rent that I dont owe, through fear of legal action.


    Many thanks for advice on this.

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    That all sounds very odd (and upsetting).
    If you had a fixed term tenancy agreement that expired on 4th April and were not living there on 4th April, the tenancy should have simply come to an end.

    Your notice is probably invalid, but it doesn't really matter.

    It's worth checking the actual wording of the tenancy to be 100% sure.
    If it says something along the lines of a fixed term of 12 months starting on 5th April 2019 and ending on 4th April 2020, you should be OK.

    There's no fundamental need for the landlord to supply an inventory (it might be in the tenancy agreement, but what are you going to do if the landlord doesn't supply one?).

    If the landlord tries to make any deductions from your deposit that you don't agree with, you can dispute them.

    You might suggest that your landlord takes some legal advice and I'd only communicate by email if that's your preference.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      1. No
      2. No - when you refer to 'inventory' I guess you are referring to a check-out report - unless you have paid for the compilation of the check-out report you have no automatic right to receive a copy. However 'if' there were a dispute and the check-out report provided evidence to support a claim it is reasonable the landlord gives you a copy to justify the claim and takes steps to avoid a formal dispute.
      3. No - During COVID-19 restrictions deposit protection schemes recognise it can take up to 4 weeks to complete a check-out procedure and in the meantime you may be able intiate the release of the deposit e.g if held by DPS login and initiate release which the landlord may not agree to but it forces them to do something and may pave the way to a dispute which it sounds like you would win


        cymro123 thank you. I only wanted an inventory as I am certain the next step will be some unreasonable claim on a large amount of my deposit. He already told me he was going to charge me for a smudge on the wall and a hinge being unscrewed (I've lived there 6 years).

        anyway Im happy to go without and just press ahead with my deposit. I've triggered the process with the DPS precisely for the reasons you state. The process has mitigation which im sure will be in my favour... but as yet have heard nothing yet.

        attached is a copy of the renewal of my lease.
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          If you had moved out of the property on or before 4th April 2020, the tenancy ended.

          To argue that it continued, the landlord would have to show that you were still resident at midnight on that date.
          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


            If the deposit is protected you simply say you don't agree with the deductions. The landlord will get pennies at most as the deposit schemes won't stand for his nonsence.


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