Tenants & Covid - in need of some advice

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    Tenants & Covid - in need of some advice

    Hi Guys,

    Been a lurker for a while, but now really in need of some advice please.

    My tenants normally pay £1200 per month, but this month without any dialogue paid only £600 on the 1st.
    He told me his housing benefit will come through in two weeks and he will give me some more rent. The £600 doesn't cover my mortgage.

    So today I dropped him a friendly message for an update and he said his first UC has not come through. So I asked him to help me understand his benefit situation better. He said he will 'give me the UC money and no more than that and thanked me for my understanding.They are claiming HB, CHB and have jobs (but not working at present as non-essentials).

    Now, I am realistic person and understand things are difficult at the moment for everyone. On another property, me and the tenant came to a comfortable figure and moved on, reviewing on a month by month basis, but I understand everyone's situation is different.

    I have an AST here until 31st July 2020. The tenants have been messing me about for a while with late payments (week or so) with me having to chase for it each time and to be fair after 3 years (no rent increases). He does however always pay me in full each time, even though it really annoys me each time he is late!

    What should I do in this current situation? I am happy to come to a reasonable figure, but could this jeopardise me? should I have to take them to court which I believe it could come to as I will likely see another side to him should I need to service such eviction notice. Will it be easier for me to to take whatever he gives for now and let it cover my mortgage (stomach it - its comes part and part with being a landlord) and then serve up a notice to formally to end the tenancy on 31st July 2020? I am happy to do this if need be. Should I be making him sign something for each time he pays me some rent in case it gets messy.

    It takes quite a long time for UC to come through, and there's a huge number of new applicants. 2 weeks doesn't strike me as realistic.

    You can look at the consequences of a mortgage holiday for you - if there's a decent period to run, the long term effects of three months delayed payment may not be that severe.

    Personally, I'd wait a few more weeks and see what happens. You can't serve notice with less than three months before expiry, and there's no point escalating the problem unnecessarily.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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