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    Originally posted by Echoes View Post
    The tenancy started on 15th of dec 2017 for an year contract and now its a periodic tenancy.
    Originally posted by Echoes View Post

    Are you saying the tenancy should end on the day before the orginal start (14th) date
    If you don't know when the tenancy started, then you have a big problem.


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    • Reply to Can anyone share a template Contract please?
      by Vene
      DPT57 Thanks for the advice in relation to the question i posed. I have joined one of the subscription based landlords associations for advice and support.

      It's pretty evident why this landlordzone forum's is free to join, because from what i've experienced, there's clearly a lot of people...
      13-04-2021, 19:04 PM
    • Can anyone share a template Contract please?
      by Vene

      I'm renting a residential property (for the first time) and i would like a Word document of a tenancy agreement/contract, that i could edit with specific details. Some information to help understand the tenancy:

      Property is in England.
      Tenancy is for a sole tenant...
      11-04-2021, 21:43 PM
    • Reply to Sink blocked for almost 3 weeks
      by GaryGoals
      My god, the Landlord isn’t your dad. You’ve blocked the sink.....unblock it....
      13-04-2021, 18:53 PM
    • Sink blocked for almost 3 weeks
      by sushi
      My kitchen sink has been blocked for almost 3 weeks.

      The landlord/agent has been dragging his feet getting a plumber out and when someone did come, they confirmed my suspicions that it's something more just needing to pour some unblocker down (this is why I haven't called someone out myself...
      13-04-2021, 18:06 PM
    • Reply to Question about rented house extension
      by ss1981
      Thanks for taking the time to reply.

      I am at the early stages of my thinking on this, and have no experience of building before. TBH I hadn’t considered the disruption element a great deal yet, but that is a fair point.

      It would be an extension to the current house. Either...
      13-04-2021, 18:48 PM
    • Question about rented house extension
      by ss1981
      Hi all, I have a rented house - three bed end terrace, which has been rented to the same lady and her children for over a decade, with no major problems on either end.

      There is a plot of land next to the house that I am currently in the process of purchasing off the council. I would like...
      13-04-2021, 17:30 PM
    • Reply to Sink blocked for almost 3 weeks
      by JK0
      Are you certain it's not you that's blocked it? Why would you not get someone out and pay them yourself? If it turns out to be someone else's fault, then you can forward the bill....
      13-04-2021, 18:42 PM
    • Reply to Sink blocked for almost 3 weeks
      by ash5050
      "In the past I've been really impressed about how quickly issues have been sorted, but this appears to be taking longer. If I can do anything to help this get resolved quicker please let me know, but I'd appreciate if this could be sorted ASAP as it's affecting me quite a lot. I wouldn't want...
      13-04-2021, 18:30 PM
    • Reply to Tenant referencing affordability
      by Hudson01
      Have you asked more about the CCJ ? Was it for rent ....... is it just one ....... i tend to not trust guarantors, i do not take them and only let to those who can stand on their own two feet in terms of affordability..... it is a choice though.
      13-04-2021, 18:23 PM
    • Tenant referencing affordability
      by Kate foster
      Hi all,
      I have found a tenant through open rent and he failed referencing due to CCJ. He got a garauntor who earns 46,271 pounds per annum and the rent is 1095. The rent guard referencing did through open rent has declined the garauntor as unsuitable due to less income. They want 4 times the monthly...
      13-04-2021, 17:02 PM