Worred about getting deposit back from uni

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  • Worred about getting deposit back from uni

    I keep my room spotless but my uni has a rep and even on the small campus 30 miles away where I have some of my classes out of about 20 people I have spoke to who either stay in the halls now or used to not one has got their deposits back or been charged for silly things or know someone who has.

    Like the girl who got charged the whole £200 to replace a carpet over 20 years old that was already full of cigarette burns and stank.

    Another who had posters on the walls(but no cracks in paint) got charged £100 to repaint, another was charged £100 to replace a window handle that broke(though as I say the halls in question were falling to pieces of their own accord as I lived there and day I moved in the handle came off in my hands in my room)

    Another person was charged £100 for a coffee stain in hall carpet(the uni just replaced the section of carpet instead of cleaning it)

    I cant afford to lose the £200 and the uni have been evil since day 1 lying that I could leave the contract with a months notice(which they then denied after I signed contract) refusing to let me move despite a doctors note saying my physical health and mental health was in danger and in bad states.

    They dont care about the students at all, in fact there has been some fault reported on the fire alarm system for 6 months(think I may take a pic as proof) though the alarm system works.

    They seem like the sort of people who will charge for the smallest things and instead of making the effort to fix something they just buy new replacements and charge the tenant.

    is there anything I can do? there was no inventory taken at start as they forgot and I just never mentioned to them

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    Nothing you can do until such a time as a deduction has been made from the deposit. At that time you may wish to concider a claim via the small claims court.


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      What you could also do is get together several residents in your block, or flat, or however your Uni houses you. Put together a small "residents association" and apply to see the accommodation officers. Take pictures of various rooms to show the gerneral condition of the property, also take pictures of any faults in the general building such as stairwells and hallways.

      My Uni halls had a rather nasty infestation of bed bugs, the whole campus was crawling with them. Several of the buildings and flats were fumigated and we (my flatmates and I) got our deposits and 2 months rent back "for our troubles" on the basis that we didn't mention it to anyone as the Uni would deny there was ever a problem in the first place.

      Go to your student association as well! Get them involved and make them aware of the situation you are worried about, and threaten publicity in the student press if your deposit is witheld. Students are an easy target and pay too much for student digs which is why I bought my flat in 2nd year, it was cheaper to pay the mortgage. Granted it's not like that at the moment unfortunately.


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        An update a month has passed since I moved out with no money from them

        Phoned up and was told they arent giving me a penny back cliaiming I left the place a tip(i bought a dustpan and brush and borrowed a hoover to tidy it)

        I again shampoo'd the carpet that was dirty when I moved in, spent ages wiping all the blu tack marks from the previous tenant, polished things etc.

        In their view the place was a mess and untidy and it took the cleaners a whold day to clean.


        i did take photos after I had a similar problem with a landlord last year so they cant prove it but they were very rude saying if I complain they will chuck me out of uni!

        The funny thing is they are redecorating the entire halls over summer so it seems to me just a way to get extra funds towards taht, as even if I did do the things they claim they are redecorating anyway!


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          Complain and stand your ground. I would make sure you put everything in writing from now on. Send them a letter stating that that you have photographic evidence to prove you left the room in a good state and that if they do not return the full amount of the deposit within 14 days you will commence court action against them.

          Invite anyone else who you know who is in the same boat to do the same thing.


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            Just out of interest which University is it ?????
            "Better an empty property than a tenant without a guarantor"


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              I can't imagine any university would throw you out for complaining about accommodation issues. This is a mean and empty threat which you should try not to worry about. See if you can get this in writing - I'm betting they will be a bit quieter in this format.

              Is there anyone at a higher level that you can speak to about this ie a halls manager rather than people in this hall?

              Do you have any paperwork about a check out inspection etc?

              I think they sound on very weak grounds.


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                Ok a bit of a result, got some of the money back I was owed £200 but only got £34 back saying I was in arrears and a late penatly charge for being in arrears



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