another quickie q about my deposit hassle

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    another quickie q about my deposit hassle

    from my last post....

    i've written to the agent saying that i dont expect the whole cost of brand new carpets to come from my deposit, considering the carpets were old and in poor condition and that there was never an inventory so how they can pin blame on me i dont know. Plus I have an email from the landlord agreeing that the carpets are in poor condition, but if I could just do my best cleaning them that'll be fine.

    they have also bounced back that they want the garden topsoiled and returfed. My dogs have ruined the grass it seems. I admit there is very little grass left. My answer has been to reseed (and I have) but unfortunately the weather means growth has been slow. Returfing would mean giving them far better than I moved in with.... if the garden had been in A1 condition we would never have taken the property on.

    But apparently they want the garden looking like it did when we moved in. Fact was it was overgrown and blowsy and had dead things in it. They paid 200 towards a gardener. I matched that and in addition had the whole thing refenced at my cost. They are waving a picture at me and yes I know its not as green as it was last year but I am not responsible for the weather. Flowering is weeks behind this year.

    anyway. I'm going off on a tangent. Back to the point.....i believe tenancy deposit schemes came in on 6th april? certainly we've had an official looking document from our new agent tellling us where our deposit for our new place is and how much is in it etc etc.

    So another quickie q:

    the deposit under dispute is down to a tenancy started in March 07. a years AST that was extended by one month (13 months in total) in agreement with the landlord. I gave written notice but i was never served anything official by the landlords agent.

    does anyone know whether dates of tenancy / lack of official 'end of tenancy' documentation will help my case (to get my entire deposit back) ? Looks like i'm a couple of weeks short of being protected by the TDS. But wouldnt a good agent already have this in place?


    TDS started 6th April 2007, anything AST before that date falls outside of the schemes protection.


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