Am I obliged to pass my address to my tenant’s neighbour?

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  • theartfullodger
    I always prefer neighbours to have my email or 'phone number as that's the cheapest insurance going.

    Refer neighbours to excellent CaB advice online on neighbour disputes.

    Since it's so easy to find people's addresses - eg land registry £3 - you may as well provide it to give them the idea you are being a bit helpful

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  • jpkeates
    While there's no obligation to give your address, I would.
    Better to know about any proposed legal action than not.

    Then, when you receive any communication, you can respond as per Lawcruncher's proposal.

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  • Lawcruncher
    There is no obligation to disclose your address.

    Write to the neighbours as follows:

    A landlord is not liable for a trespass committed by his tenant. If my tenant has committed trespass by parking on your land (which is denied) you have no basis for a claim against me. If you start legal proceedings against me they will be defended vigorously and the court asked to order you to pay my costs on a full indemnity basis on the grounds that the claim is wholly without merit.

    I have looked into the matter and am satisified that my tenant is not in fact encroaching on your land. Any further communication from you which insists that he is will be ignored and not responded to.

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  • Hudson01
    Agree with all which has been said above, neighbours like this are best avoided, do not get too involved in your tenants disputes with the people around them, it is a no win situation. They sound a nightmare and simply let the management company deal and be the 3rd party conduit between the parties.

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  • Section20z
    Sounds like you have done all you can but he is being petty minded and just trying to scare you. Personally I would ignore him/her but bear in mind your address is in the public domain anyway, so you could just give it to him and say see you in court....

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  • ash72
    Can you not erect a fence? The neighbour just needs to send it to the rental address, they don't require your address.

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  • Stew
    I have no legal training but no I don't believe you have to unless you yourself have committed some sort of obstruction/nusiance to the neighbour concerned,,,,,,, some neighbours are petty, some don't want you parking outside their house even though it's a public road, others get wound up by the smallest thing.

    Ask him to contact via the managing agent and the managing agent can contact yourself if they so wish.

    The way you mention "I have always reacted to this neighbours issues immediately and resolved them in the past with any tenant," it sounds like if you give them your address it will lead to endless letters and notifications. Some times it's better to distance yourself from a certain type of person....

    All I would do is go along yourself some mornings/evening (after lockdown ends) and check for youself the situation just so you are clear who is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth...

    Just my personal view

    All the best Stew.

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  • Am I obliged to pass my address to my tenant’s neighbour?

    Hi Everyone
    hope you’re all well during lockdown period.
    I am new here and need some help with this situation.
    one of My Tenant’s neighbours has complained to me several times that the tenant parks his van at their allocated driveway but because it is overreaching their allocated driveway they block this particular neighbour’s access to their driveway.
    I have been in touch with the tenants multiple times and they have assured me and even sent me pictures that they are not blocking this neighbour access to driveway. And I can admit there is more than enough room available for the neighbour to access his driveway although the tenant’s van may be overreaching by 1 inch from his allocated driveway. It is difficult to judge this from the pictures.

    Both my tenants and their neighbour’s driveway are at the end of a dead end road which is not public highway to best of my knowledge and is maintained by a management company of a block of flats.

    As a landlord I have done everything I can to resolve the situation and have reviewed my title deed covenants and there is no restriction for parking of vans. The tenant understandably does not like to park his van on a main road.

    I have always reacted to this neighbours issues immediately and resolved them in the past with any tenant, but for this one I think he is exaggerating the issue and is not reporting fairly.

    I see this as a private dispute between the neighbour and the tenant.

    Now my tenant’s neighbour has decided to take legal action and is asking for my home address.

    As a landlord do I have a legal obligation to provide my home address to my tenant’s neighbour?

    Any past experience or advice is appreciated.


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