Move into a new rental property during this uncertain time

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    Move into a new rental property during this uncertain time

    Trying to get an insight into whats happening with new tenancies starting shortly during this corona situation.

    Friends sibling due to move into new flat in central london. Was viewed through an estate agency late jan / early feb (before corona drama), holding deposit given. References done and agreement made for move in date in a weeks time.
    Due to pay remainder balance of deposit & first months rent day before move in day.

    Things went bit quiet in last few weeks. Turned out Letting agents offices closed. Staff all self isolating, noone was following up dealing with moved but now manager going to meet him to check in. I imagine check in staff and inventory clerk not doing business as usual with all that’s going on.

    With regard to the pre move in clean. Should they insist on a professional clean as he’s in effect moving into a flat lived in up until the day before by others. He has high asthma issues. And a non professional clean could not be as clean as needs to be right now, when people are swapping living spaces.

    Also it turns out he wont be wont be able to connect his internet account with his provider thats been put on hold ready for the home move. As technicians arent coming out until june or TBC.
    The landlord moving out of the property has obviously clicked onto this and will be stuck taking their own package with them so offered he takes on theirs. But thats £50-60 PM package when he only usually pays £20 a month for his. If he wont take on their package they’ll cancel it and leave him with none. Which he desperately needs as he needs alot of data and speed to carry out his work from home.
    He asked if they’d consider to go halfs on that package contract as its only the internet he’ll use not their excessive tv package (he has no tv) and realistically it’s not his fault he’s not able to get connected due to corona. But it is something he needs in a rental, without it he can’t run his work. I also understand it is not the fault of the landlord. It’s just the unfortunate times we’re in.

    I just find it spiteful they would cancel their direct debit if he won’t take on their whole package and knowingly leave him stranded like that. Bearing in mind he did offer over asking price for the flat from the offset.

    So many people have pulled out of new tenancies, home buying has taken a bit of a holt.
    The landlords have secure jobs they’re moving with / to. Will (rightly, if they want to) may take a mortgage holiday. He is moving into a lockdown capital city flat where he now no longer needs to be in as he’s forced to work from home wherever that may be. But didnt want to let anyone down (i.e. the landlords) when even his work suggested if they were in his shoes he should remain staying with family outside of london. Rather than be based alone in a new city paying a huge premium in rent in these uncertain times etc etc

    Just wanted to check on your opinion as a landlord on the cleaning standards situation. Lack of inventory clerk situation. Landlord not willing to give a good will gesture out of kindness to help him be connected to the internet and take a little loss of what £20/30 a month on their luxury tv package and if all moves are legal and ok to start right now?

    TLDR. Paragraphs?


      I got as far as this;

      "Should they insist on a professional clean"

      No. (You can't get one, well not officially/easily)

      I didn't get much further on your post.

      I'm sure your heart is in the right place and you've given good advice but you're not helping anymore with the small stuff. Leave them to it now.


        Re "Also it turns out he wont be wont be able to connect his internet account with his provider thats been put on hold ready for the home move. As technicians arent coming out until june or TBC."

        Believe the provider only won't attend where they need to come inside to connect the kit, in a lot of instances the connections are made at the exchange and they don't come near the property. This will depend on what provider the property was with and what it's being changed to. The occupants may have to pick a service that can be connected easily and change later.

        All the best Stew.


          If I were him, I would give an ultimatum that either they agree to share the cost of the internet package or I would withdraw. I would want this in writing too, with the proviso that he changes to a different package as soon as this is a possibility. He presumably only stands to lose 1 weeks rent holding deposit? If its any more, or they've kept it for more than 15 days without prior agreement, then he's entitled to it back anyway under the Tenant Fees Act.


            Re. Inventory if you do move in simply take LOADS AND LOADS of photos, ideally date-stamped. It's more a problem for the landlord if he can't prove what was there (eg 6 chairs..) or what condition (eg new, used, knackered..) so hard for him to claim any loss
            I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


              I'd simply forget it and cancel the tenancy.
              That person isn't ready to live on their own.
              When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
              Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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