Gas certs due - no engineers :(

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    Originally posted by tatemono View Post
    This doesn't make sense. The cert only tells us that the equipment was safe at the time of the inspection.
    Of course it does.
    Stop splitting hairs, as they say.Then there is no need for a gas cert' because 5 minutes later, it could be unsafe. Well, you can work on those lines if you wish, and don't bother with a gas cert.

    Originally posted by tatemono View Post
    No one should assume it's safe or unsafe simply on the basis of the cert.
    No one should assume something is safe if a cert is required but not available., when current one expired.

    So EVERYTHING is safe,is it, if no M.O.T.; No gas certs, etc. etc etc.
    Well, I wont be going to your food preparation plant or cafe, or rented house / flat because everything is safe with no proof.



      Originally posted by MdeB View Post

      Is that not a criminal offence?
      Maybe harassment?
      They told me what to do and I did it...was not paid to think!


        Originally posted by The Secret Landlord View Post
        I have a tenant who is shielding and does not want a gas engineer in the property. I have got this in writing from the tenant.
        yes , glad this issue has been raised , it is a big issue at the moment and i guess getting it in writing is a major defence.


          Originally posted by Berlingogirl View Post
          Doh! There's an article on it in the news section
          any links , i could not find the article


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