Painting Decking - as landlord, should I be paying?

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    Painting Decking - as landlord, should I be paying?

    Hey guys

    First time Landlord, moved away for work and am renting my place out in the meantime.
    I made the place look nice before we went, one thing we did was to give the decking some new stain.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's the residents home now, not mine. So if they want to change paint colours n stuff, that's fine with me - it's their home.

    They've got kids, we don't, as such they use the garden a lot and in a little under a year they've worn off the decking stain quite a lot.
    I've had an email through saying they'll paint it again if we supply the stain.

    I'm a little surprised, as to me that's just maintenance of the property.

    When I was renting, anything I wore out I fixed, replaced etc. My home, my responsibility was always my attitude.

    Is this a normal thing? Should I be expected to be paying for things they wear out whilst I'm not there?

    That aside, I've no idea how I could get stain to them under lock down anyway.

    Thanks for the advice.


    They don't really need to do anything to the decking while they are there, only putting it right when they leave, or not if it is classed as just basic wear and tear. so if they have the energy to do it, I would just let them buy the stain and then pay them through bank transfer as a thank you for (hopefully ) paying the rent for the next three Months and beyond!!


      scottinwales If the painting on the decking has worn out through the tenant+family using it in a tenant-like manner, it would be classed as fair wear and tear. The tenant has no responsibility to restore it and neither do you.

      If you are happy with the tenant repainting the decking, in your place I'd just reimburse them for the paint (as long as it's a neutral colour!).


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