Short term lets during Coronavirus crisis?

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    I still fail to see any advantage in issuing a new TA over letting it go SPT?

    I just don't see what you are trying to gain here?

    Once that new TA ends then it will just go SPT anyway, unless there's another TA, and another, and ......
    You're just making uneeded paperwork for yourself.

    SPT is a short term tenancy agreement, just one that keeps rolling over without any paperwork until either side serves notice.


      By the way, for anyone following the actual science here, the rather useless Imperial College Epidemiology Unit who originally published the headline modelling reports saying that 500,000 people would likely die in the UK from this virus, have now admitted that it is a LOT less deadly than their fanciful assumptions (which they were told from the start were false) - and have revised the estimate down to 20,000 (far less than annual usual flu deaths). Largely on the basis of Imperial College reports, many Western economies have already been tanked, and many jobs, careers and businesses destroyed.

      At the moment most of the discussion of this fiasco is taking place on twitter


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