Tenancy due for renewal...periodic tenancy?

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    Tenancy due for renewal...periodic tenancy?

    Hi folks, information urgently required in light of the Government’s announcement today which, on first sight, seems to give tenants cart blanche to do as they please over the next three months.

    I have untrustworthy tenants whose 12month contract is about to end and they have asked for “a written email” to say they are going onto a periodic tenancy. They also ask, very specifically, that I include in the email all the people whose names are on the tenancy. (They will have this info on their copy of the tenancy agreement and the literature I forwarded them from mydeposits.com after arranging the deposit scheme... so I’m sceptical as to why they want this info in a new email 🤨).

    My questions are:
    • to ensure I do things correctly now that their tenancy is up (March 23rd), do I send them a new tenancy agreement? Or do I write to them agreeing they are now on a periodic tenancy (or can I email them this information?).

    • is it in my interests to simply do as they ask
    and reply via email with the named people on the tenancy (it is two adults and three children + one of the older children’s girlfriend.)

    • is there anything else I should do to protect myself at this point. I’m expecting them not to pay at some point in the next three months, they are almost certain to try and take advantage of this new government legislation (they have paid every month, but for five of the past six months I’ve had to chase them..)

    • do I need to renew my mydeposits.com for this new periodic tenancy, do I need to change any details, or does it remain protected until I end the tenancy?

    Just as background info, I’m sure folks are wondering why I don’t just give them notice and find nicer tenants but in this current market it’s not as easy as that!

    Thanks for any help...😬

    The tenancy will automatically revert to a periodic tenancy once the fix term expires, you do not need to do anything (no documents are required), the terms and conditions are remain the same original tenancy. As long as you have complied with your obligations as set out in the Gov. how to guide you are covered.


      As above. Don't do anything. I suspect chicanery.

      You might want to serve a precautionary s21 to focus their minds.


        Why not just ask them why they need written confirmation, because it's not something that's in your control.
        If they move out on the last day of the fixed term it won't go periodic, so it's not something you can guarantee.

        They may simply be unsure what will happen, the regulations about tenancies are complicated and most people don't know them.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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