Slum Flat Forcibly closed by council

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  • Slum Flat Forcibly closed by council

    It is the first time in 20 years Glasgow City Council has stepped in and imposed a closure order on a private property.

    They found a toilet had been set up next to a cooker, there was no heating or hot water, the flat was damp, sinks were not connected and the electrics were unsafe..[it was] was riddled with cockroaches.

    A council spokesman said: "We can confirm a closure order has been served on a property at 221 Allison Street due to its failure to meet the basic tolerable standard of accommodation. It was served under the 1987 Housing Act. The owner had been given 28 days to address the problems associated with the property but did not respond accordingly. did not have a heating system, it was not free from rising or penetrative damp, there was no running hot water, there was no satisfactory site for cooking, the toilet system was not working and the electrics were not well-maintained."

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    Sounds like a typical council flat to me!


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