Redundancy before I sign new agreement

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    Redundancy before I sign new agreement

    Hi all,

    Just wanting some opinions. Due to issues in my current rented property, I am having to move. I am currently going through a consultation period of possible redundancy, me and my partner have now put a holding deposit down but I'm wanting to know if the estate agent find out about the redundancy will they refuse us? We have enough for 3 months rent and I have 3 interviews lined up with 2 of them being second round interviews, please let me know thoughts as this is my dream property and don't want to let it go

    Thank you

    If your partner's salary isn't sufficient I would expect them to turn you down if they find out. If it's a big company I doubt they will say anything until they actually make you redundant as until then you are only under threat of it. Usually they just confirm you're employment status and salary.


      Of more relevance why do you want the property if you cannot afford it? 3 months of rent is very low savings if you don't have a job - maybe you should wait for the job to be confirmed first - do you have to leave the current place?


        I would agree with the above, if i were under threat then i would certainly not be making a big purchase...... and new more expensive AST is just that.


          Are you buying or renting this dream Property?
          Mortage Lenders now have to consider Affordability and LLs should apply similar with a Credit check recomendation.


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          • Reply to Universal Credit Fraud
            by nukecad
            This is in no way benefit fraud.
            Funny how many landlords don't understand that, I'd have though that if you had tenants claiming benefits you would learn how those benefits work.

            The DWP will not be interested.

            If she has told then she has moved then they won't be helping...
            08-04-2020, 09:49 AM
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            by Habib85
            Hi guys - my first post on here and was hoping to get some guidance

            I was getting paid my Trent directly from universal credit after my tenant fell behind on payments for more than two months.

            tenant has now decided to inform universal credit department that she has vacated...
            07-04-2020, 13:20 PM
          • Reply to Properties for sale AND Let?
            by boletus
            Maybe, maybe not.
            I dual list at above market average cos of the increasing risks and hassle of being a landlord
            Not bothered if it sells, rents or stays empty for a while....
            08-04-2020, 09:48 AM
          • Properties for sale AND Let?
            by Questioningtenant
            HI! Apologies if this is a stupid question; I am rather ignorant in terms of a property being offered for sale and for let at the same time.

            I'm a tenant currently looking for a larger rental property and I've noticed a trend in my area in recent times to place a property both for sale...
            07-04-2020, 21:27 PM
          • Reply to Properties for sale AND Let?
            by Lawcruncher
            For sale or to let = the owner really would like some cash asap
            08-04-2020, 09:31 AM
          • Reply to Washing Machine/Rent arrears
            by slooky
            I think you shouldn't have anything for the appliances. You left them behind for someone else to deal with. I've just had to help lift a washer dryer upstairs to a flat. It's very hard work. If you wanted to sell them you should have sorted that out before you left them there.
            08-04-2020, 09:21 AM
          • Washing Machine/Rent arrears
            by Washingmachine44
            Hi Everyone,

            I'm a former tenant of a property and I'm looking for some advice. I rented a property in London for 7 years with my GF and moved out in February of this year. I still owe 2 months rent arrears and this is being paid of in agreed installments through the estate agent. ...
            07-04-2020, 17:54 PM
          • Reply to Washing Machine/Rent arrears
            by jpkeates
            Revisit the repayment plan.

            You know you owe the money, but, right now, can't pay what you thought you could.
            That's fair enough.

            Offer the agent/landlord a revised plan based on your new circumstances....
            08-04-2020, 08:39 AM
          • Reply to Properties for sale AND Let?
            by theartfullodger
            If tenanted and then sold, the sale does not end the tenancy nor require tenant to leave.

            New owner becomes new landlord, even if outside with removals van and screaming kids. Normal eviction processes apply .
            08-04-2020, 07:47 AM
          • Reply to Washing Machine/Rent arrears
            by boletus
            You have to look at yourself in the mirror every morning?

            Or on a practical level;

            The stress finishes off the landlord. The grandson then takes over the estate and is not such a good man. He is very upset at the tenant's low behaviour after the old man
            08-04-2020, 07:27 AM