Redundancy before I sign new agreement

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    Redundancy before I sign new agreement

    Hi all,

    Just wanting some opinions. Due to issues in my current rented property, I am having to move. I am currently going through a consultation period of possible redundancy, me and my partner have now put a holding deposit down but I'm wanting to know if the estate agent find out about the redundancy will they refuse us? We have enough for 3 months rent and I have 3 interviews lined up with 2 of them being second round interviews, please let me know thoughts as this is my dream property and don't want to let it go

    Thank you

    If your partner's salary isn't sufficient I would expect them to turn you down if they find out. If it's a big company I doubt they will say anything until they actually make you redundant as until then you are only under threat of it. Usually they just confirm you're employment status and salary.


      Of more relevance why do you want the property if you cannot afford it? 3 months of rent is very low savings if you don't have a job - maybe you should wait for the job to be confirmed first - do you have to leave the current place?


        I would agree with the above, if i were under threat then i would certainly not be making a big purchase...... and new more expensive AST is just that.


          Are you buying or renting this dream Property?
          Mortage Lenders now have to consider Affordability and LLs should apply similar with a Credit check recomendation.


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            Exercising a break clause is not serving notice (unless the break clause is badly written).
            If the tenant does it, the tenancy should end at the break.

            Because the tenancy has ended because of "a surrender or other action on the part of the tenant" an SPT shouldn't arise...
            30-03-2020, 17:03 PM
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            Hi wondering if during these times for new AST's I should be doing

            a) 12 Months AST with 6 Months mutual break clause
            b) 6 Months AST

            Rather than worrying about the longer letter my main concern is being able to take back control of the property as soon as possible if...
            28-03-2020, 12:45 PM
          • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
            by MdeB
            Just because they are a big company does not mean they have a full and accurate understanding/interpretation of the law.

            This is just one area in which their understanding is deficient....
            30-03-2020, 17:02 PM
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            Hi. I am a fairly new landlord and I only own one property. About a month ago I reached out to my tenants asking if they were okay and if they wanted to get in contact with me please do. Three days later they contacted me to ask for a massive reduction in the rent asking for 35% off. I have no issues...
            28-03-2020, 16:20 PM
          • Reply to Six Months AST or Twelve Months AST with Mutual Break Clause
            by MdeB
            a) Assuming that the agreement is for a fixed term, and does not contain words about "continuing monthly after the initial term, then it is absolute rubbish, is not legally enforceable, and shows that the authors do not know what they are doing.

            Exercising a break clause does not require...
            30-03-2020, 16:56 PM
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            by jpkeates
            I think there'll be a dip in property prices post event.
            There'll be a lot of dead, grieving and damaged people and lots of businesses and jobs will be gone forever.

            Which will keep landlords in the rental business, because it won't be the best time to sell up.

            The government...
            30-03-2020, 15:41 PM
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            I've been reading all the chat on this forum and was thinking about what it's going to be like after, will landlords be more weary of self employed tenants, have more uc or pack in all together ? Interesting times and the tenants are going to struggle even more as landlords try to doubley make sure...
            30-03-2020, 14:15 PM
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            by jpkeates
            Honestly, you need proper legal advice.
            This is a huge mess and it's getting worse with everything you do.

            Legal advice only seems expensive when you compare it with nothing.
            When you compare it with the costs of getting this wrong, it'd cheap.

            If the person is...
            30-03-2020, 15:37 PM
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            I have rented my mother’s house out to 2 x lodgers on my mother’s behalf as she has been hospitalised due to mental medical condition. A lodger agreement was given to them as she was expected to return back in few weeks’ time. However situation had changed and she had to live out...
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            Thanks for replies. The only reason I am serious over this matter is because apart of CVD19 outbreak I might be accused of causing this mess despite I don't smoke. But there is a little obstacle in actually ascertaining as who is the real culprit because upward there are two more flats (1st & 2nd...
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