Would you be annoyed over a poor'ish paint job?

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    Would you be annoyed over a poor'ish paint job?

    When we got our current home, the landlord was going to delay us moving in for 6 weeks as he wanted to paint the walls as the previous tenants had painted them black and grey (a very weird combination). We couldn't afford to wait as we were moving for new jobs which started the following week and it was 200 miles away. We struck a deal with the landlord that if he let us move in straight away, we would paint the walls a mutual colour and he agreed. We did all the painting but sadly no matter how many times we have tried, we've always gotten overlap onto the ceiling and when we repainted that we got overlap back onto the wall (despite using masking tape and a trim guard as the wall is quite bumpy) - We also got some overlap around the door frames and the mantelpiece. The previous tenants missed the door frames and mantelpiece but got a lot of splodges on the skirting board and on the actual fire surround from when they painted the mantelpiece.

    After 4 years it is time to move on as we are having to move for work again. On one hand he's going to have to spend time correcting our mistakes, which could mean it delays him putting the house back up for rent. But at the same time, he was going to do it anyway before we moved in. Plus with the work we've done, it's going to take him far less time to do just the edges as opposed to the whole house (which also would have saved him a load of money on paint!)

    So landlords, how would you feel about this?

    If I was silly enough to let a tenant paint, then I would expect exactly what you have done.


      Personally i would realise that we did each other a favour and leave the decorating off any deposit deductions. Some landlords are utter pricks though and will try and get every single penny out of you where possible, including splodges on fireplaces etc.


        Originally posted by MarkNGemma View Post
        We did all the painting but sadly no matter how many times we have tried, we've always gotten overlap onto the ceiling and when we repainted that we got overlap back onto the wall (despite using masking tape and a trim guard as the wall is quite bumpy)
        Paint walls the same colour as the ceiling.

        Or use an artist's paintbrush to finish the join.

        Paint guards, in my experience, are useless because paint gets on the underside (possibly capillary action, or similar)


          A bad paint job would irk me, but whether or not I deducted from the deposit would depend on what standard was agreed. I would never agree for a tenant to decorate a property without the express condition that it be done to a professional standard.*

          Why don't you just pay for a pro for the day to finish your cutting in?

          * It's worth adding that I keep my properties in tip top modern condition (they are modern conversions within Victorian properties) so a bad paint job would be a significant detractor. Obviously, there are different standards of property which are hard to compare.
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          Assume I know nothing.


            I would be annoyed if not done to a prof standard.


              As a landlord I would be a bit annoyed but probably wouldn't deduct anything from your deposit.


                I don't think Mark & Gemma are coming back, as they haven't been here since 8 minutes after orginal post.


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                  Only if the landlord or letting agent give the person who paid the deposit a notice in writing within the period of 7 days beginning with the deadline for agreement explaining why the person who received it intends not to repay it.
                  09-04-2020, 20:32 PM