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    Rats in the building

    I live in a flat in England which I moved in to late summer last year.

    My landlord sent pest control to my flat who confirmed there is a rat problem. However, this is under the floor boards and hasn't left any signs of penetrating my flat (yet). I keep a clean ship and all food is sealed - it might come as a shock but not all tenants are dirty gremlins!

    There‘s 30 odd flats in the block (two blocks in total). I don't think putting down poison just around one flat will cure this issue as they can still get access to the building.
    This issue has been previously reported last year but the property management company who look after the whole block failed to take the recommended action/a preventative control plan.

    Is there anywhere within the council I can report this issue to, perhaps as a health hazard? I've tried to find this info on the council website but this directs me back to their Pest Control services which it‘s been established are useless.

    Any advice? Any services I can call on or regulations about this kind of thing? The gnawing is awful, it‘s really aggrevating pre-existing anxiety condition and insomnia!

    LL resp for blocking access points to each property.
    Each T resp for eradicating infestation in their demised property.pdq. I would not rec poison.


      Go round the building and look for points of access. A rat can get through a surprisingly small space of 2-3cm I am told. (They rarely run in the open and stick to sides of fences, walls etc. ) Block access points with cement.

      I have had success with rat bait grains from Toolstation £5.95 (died blue) left in a ground floor utility cupboard where rats had accessed the cavity walls. Bait taken from point of access outside where they had chewed through the bottom of a door (now clad with aluminium strip). I suspect they left the building to get water and expired.
      Recently I noted a rat going to my compost bin in the garden. Bought rat trap cage also from Toolstation and baited with peanut butter on toast. Using this method have caught a succession of rodents one at a time and have dropped them off in a field on my way to the office. No more rats have appeared.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        Originally posted by renter19;n1096221[FONT=sans-serif
        Is there anywhere within the council I can report this issue to, perhaps as a health hazard? I've tried to find this info on the council website but this directs me back to their Pest Control services which it‘s been established are useless.[/FONT]
        You need to involve environmental health by contacting them directly - because, you're probably right, the issue needs to be addressed as a block of flats as a whole, and it's likely that your landlord won't be able to fix the issue.

        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          It's a common problem that council web sites fail to mention many of the the free services that they are responsible for.


            Local Government, Environmental Health Pest control offer free services for rats. Well they do where i live.

            This will include an inspection, baiting and if necessary testing of the drains to look for the access point.

            Rats normally enter premises via broken or uncapped old drainage.

            They may charge you for test baiting which is usually reimbursed if rats are present. This is to stop the constant complaints by people that they have rats when in fact they have mice.


              Not all local authorities offer free services for rats, and, in any case, the OP is not the one that should be paying, for the communal areas.

              When trying to get through the contact centre, point them to the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/...4/55/section/2


                Rats even can't be killed with atom bomb rather only can be treated through changing personal cooking, eating & recycling style that is what actually attract & feed rats.


                  'Rats even can't be killed with atom bomb' Not true,
                  They could just be looking for a warm, safe nesting place.


                    Maybe few tenants/landlord still gets benefited



                      When we're all on lock down due to corona virus the residents in the block of flats will be ok for protein

                      We've recently had rats in the chicken coop. I tried blocking the holes with bricks and putting poison down but neither worked. I got rid of them by digging over the area everyday so they were being disturbed. Not sure how you can apply this method in your flat.


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