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    People rarely change the back door (and any french window) locks, because front door locks are easier to change.
    Keep copies of those keys as well.

    If there's a back gate provide a padlock and keep a key.

    Not much help in a block of flats, admittedly.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      thank you. that's a good suggestion. Didn't occur to me that the locks on the back door may not have been changed


        ok so further update on this. the police raided the house on the basis of a neighbour's burglary complaint. the neighbour saw a few men running back and forth from the property and left the door open way past midnight. what was shocking was that the police didn't do much other than changing the back door locks and retained keys. Said they have nothing else to do with the property as they didn't find any real cannabis. I asked if it was safe for me to go in and the response was 'your property, do whatever you like with it'. I walked into a house full of wiring, foil and leftover grow pots. the equipment is probably worth quite a lot of money. ceilings holed up in a few rooms, furniture dismantled. I was incredibly shocked thinking about the police response as I would have thought they would take possession of the equipment and began wondering if I did the right thing by going in. unless ofcourse there is some local surveillance that they wouldn't ofcourse tell us about. I am looking to go back to get everything in a skip and get it done with. staring at a £10k bill. Does anyone see any issues with this? and other than this I am seriously considering complaining against police negligence. may be I should sell this stuff and use the money towards repairs.. this is so disturbing.


          I'm so sorry to hear about your house. I think you'll still have to apply to the court for possession. Wait and see what others suggest.


            I would take plenty of photos and repossess immediately. I wouldnt anticipate anyone suing for illegal eviction under the circumstances.


              DPT57 - thank you. That was my thinking too. And yes I have a full video and also plan to take many photos.


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              • Reply to How to evict professional tenant?
                by DoricPixie
                The tenant sounds like a delusional bampot. How is he going to afford a very expensive solicitor?

                Do you know if the council in which the rental property is located has landlord licensing? I’m trying to figure out where he’s getting this £30k figure from....
                26-06-2022, 23:40 PM
              • How to evict professional tenant?
                by CharlesRiver
                I have a professional tenant rented my house a few years ago. The tenant relied on housing benefit to pay the rent. It was a one-year fixed term AST, and the tenant refused to leave from then and declined our access to the property for inspection for many years. He damaged the house extensively and...
                23-06-2022, 01:48 AM
              • Reply to Council staying eviction needed
                by DoricPixie
                The council can’t magic up a suitable property if there are none available. Whilst being able to present as homeless on top of the health issues will give the daughter more points if there aren’t any suitable properties then your daughter is still going to be between a rock and a hard place. Presenting...
                26-06-2022, 23:37 PM
              • Council staying eviction needed
                by lostforwords
                My daughter is a tenant in a house and has been for 7years without any problems for 6 of the years. Last year she had to give up working full time due to health reasons. Since then they've got worse, she suffered a blood clot which leaves her breathless and can't have oxygen as she has a gas hob. She...
                26-06-2022, 14:45 PM
              • Reply to N5B Form
                by Truth
                Any tips on a good one to use?
                26-06-2022, 22:24 PM
              • N5B Form
                by Truth
                Good Afternoon everyone,
                Its my first post on the site and probably like most first posts on here I am asking for help !
                Without going into too much detail my tenant has decided to stop paying his rent , after I gave him notice to leave, and ignore Section 8 and Section 21 notices sent by...
                24-06-2022, 13:18 PM
              • Reply to N5B Form
                by Truth
                I think I'm going to down the housing solicitor / eviction company route.
                Its going to cost me but this is really bringing me down now in all honesty . I've got a daughter and Mom with very serious health issues and I need to concentrate on them rather than a jerk who's taking me for a ride !...
                26-06-2022, 22:23 PM
              • Reply to Council staying eviction needed
                by Hudson01
                Could not agree more, but given the reluctance of the social sector to '' do the right thing'', we will always be in a battle to get them to house vulnerable people.

                What a sad state of affairs....
                26-06-2022, 20:13 PM
              • Reply to Council staying eviction needed
                by gnvqsos
                The problem here is that the woman was not vulnerable and thus chose the private option. She is now in the wrong sector ,and the landlord is not trained to address such problems....
                26-06-2022, 20:10 PM
              • Reply to Council staying eviction needed
                by Hudson01
                Sad to say it but i would evict them now...... it is coming our way and when it hits the reasons you have will not qualify, as i suspect many others will and only time will show them up in this forum and the wider press.

                Vulnerable individuals should really not be in the PRS, but due to...
                26-06-2022, 20:02 PM