Possession order, now what?

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    Possession order, now what?

    under s21 we were granted a possession order that is effective on or before (wed) 29/01.
    Great but im not sure if tenant has/ is leaving.
    neighbours suggested she’s probably gone today
    so we think shes finally gone, but cant be 100% sure.
    We know shes given keys to friends!

    Obv we wish to secure property asap, but what if shes not gone ? Or given keys to friends to squat(?).

    No contact is likely to be possible with her.
    should we risk changing locks??
    we dont want to break law etc, but dont want to leave it expossed
    help as always appreciated

    Give notice of inspection.

    Turn up with witness and seek admittance from the occupants.

    If no occupants, then let yourself in and so the inspection.

    If property is empty you may find that the lock is no longer functioning and needs replacing.

    Replace lock and leave a note on the door for the tenant stating that you found the lock broken, needed to replace it to secure the property, and instructions for getting replacement keys.


      sorry in my first post i wrote possession order was dated 29/01 it should have read possession order dated 28- ie midnight yesterday.

      she spent the last day (28/01) moving her stuff out.-she put rubbish out front by bins. Moving out throughout the day- we watched on our ring door bell!
      Today we went into empty property. No clothes left, her tv was removed, nothing really left apart from mess of our stuff -maybe a blanket left.
      So we changed keys, But later in the evening today she turned up, trying let herself in.
      Via video doorbell, she asked for things that we doubt belong to her - like fridge( we inherited this furnished property all ready rented).
      so we asked for our( now non working ) keys back and she posted them through letterbox.
      we have no contact details for her.
      we agreed she could come back on Sunday to collect ( our?) fridge etc
      any advice??
      has she moved out legally?


        From your perspective, probably. The tenancy has probably ended by operation of law. However, if she challenged it and said you illegally evicted her by changing the locks then you would have to defend the claim, so gather as much evidence as possible of her moving out. Does you doorbell record those images? Save any emails/texts and take photos of the empty property. If she is willing, get her to sign a surrender document when she comes on Sunday and tell her that the rent and Council Tax will be due otherwise. You'll probably be fine but don't be complacent.


          Originally posted by Simonb? View Post
          any advice??
          has she moved out legally?
          Advice, don't let her back into the property, give her the fridge and anything else she wants outside.

          Yes, I think so.
          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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