Wanting clarification on viewings after handed in notice....

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    Wanting clarification on viewings after handed in notice....

    Hi everyone,
    Im just freaking out over something and wanted to find out where I stand.
    ive been in this house for just over 3 years. Initially it was rented with my ex partner and we were joint tenants.
    Dec 16th 2019 my ex partner left the property and subsequently this lead to us being served a section 21 notice. They gave us 3 months notice.
    I have found somewhere to go and have written a letter giving notice to leave and on which date, it was accepted and I was sent check out details.

    My personal situation is that I am a single mother of 2 children. I have 1 arm which I have limited mobility so I will definitely struggle with moving and packing etc, but thats not the issue...
    I also have numerous mental health conditions, these are officially diagnosed and I received regular check ups with professionals.
    I have Anti-social Personality Disorder, Bipolar, Social Phobia and Anxiety to name a few that are relevant....
    What has freaked me out is that I do not like people in my home, never have, its something i struggle with and causes me massive panic. I dont even let family in. So image my horror when i read in the check out information that they will market the property and give 24hrs notice before any viewings... I literally cant breathe at the thought of this..

    I have 2 dogs here, they know about them and have been unable to enter the property on their own throughout the tenancy because of this. I have to be here when they have done checks in the past so its not as simple as to be out and let them get on with it...

    I am stressing about my stuff being everywhere, im stressing about if they can smell the dogs, im stressing because i have started taking things off the walls etc and its a mess.. and on top of this i have the stress of random strangers walking in my house, WITH THEIR SHOES ON, and i just cant deal with it. Its a stressful time enough as it is.

    I know to most people this will sound pathetic but unfortunately its a real massive issue in my head and i will be in complete turmoil over it for the next 6 weeks.
    Is there anything i can do? Would they just laugh at me if i try and explain this to the letting agent? I dont want to get in trouble but this is a long standing issue for me.

    Thanks for any advice

    you do NOT have to let them in do to viewings. Write a letter saying that you have a right to "quiet enjoyment" and you are not giving permission for viewings. It does not matter what it says in your tenancy agreement. Quiet Enjoyment is enshrined in common law and has been so for hundreds of years. Many letting agents dont know this. if you feel that you want to change the locks then do so, but make sure you give the new keys to the landlord on departure and leave the property in excellent order for your exit inventory. They have given you 3 months notice which is one month more than they have to, so maybe they are decent agents and will understand. Did they lodge your deposit with a deposit scheme when you moved in ? Good luck


      thank you. i dont want to be difficult on purpose but honestly i cant cope with all this moving on my own etc as it is without the added stress of having to provide a show home and have strangers poking round.
      they said in the check out letter that is does say in the agreement that i signed that i have to allow access for viewings :-(
      can they charge me or anything?


        no they cant charge you anything. i would just write a short letter so they know your stance.


          Just say no. Change the locks.

          Artful:. Landlord since 2000
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            Depends on what T's TA says about allowing viewings once NTQ has been accepted.


              Originally posted by clottie View Post
              no they cant charge you anything. i would just write a short letter so they know your stance.
              That's not quite correct.

              If you don't allow the viewings (that you have already agreed to in your tenancy agreement) you will be in breach of contract.
              While you are entitled to Quiet Enjoyment, you have already agreed that you are prepared to waive that right in this particular circumstance.

              However, it's unlikely that the landlord would actually be able to make any claim for the beach of contract, because they won't actually lose out as a result. They may try and claim for the loss of rent caused by the lack of viewings (or, at least, threaten to).

              It's similar if you change the locks if the tenancy agreement says you can't. But as long as you replace the originals and don't do any damage when changing things over, you should be OK.

              Given that you're moving out (and, being realistic, there's not much chance of the property being actually viewable given the situation) I'd still do it, though.

              For the avoidance of doubt, it is technically at least possible for the landlord to get a court order to compel you to comply with the contract, but that's impossibly expensive.
              When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
              Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                Write to agent explaining your condition and the effect on your mental health.
                Any reasonable agent will understand and seek to compromise with you.

                Originally posted by Shelly24 View Post
                without the added stress of having to provide a show home
                You do not have to provide a show home.

                It is your home and you can live how you like as long as you do not damage the property (or annoy the neighbours).

                If you are preparing for moving out, then it will necessarily be a bit of a mess.


                  Could you have somebody with you for the viewings? That person could say to the viewers 'Would you mind removing your shoes please as we've not long had the carpet cleaned?' or provide them with those blue plastic shoe covers they have in show homes?


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