What happens when a T dies?

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    What happens when a T dies?

    First of all my tenant hasn't died.

    A very very very old person has viewed my property. If T likes the property I could let it to him.

    Can anyone explain the process of repossession when he dies?

    I'd be OK with ending the tenancy when the relatives remove all his things.

    Has anyone had experience of this?

    When a tenant dies the tenancy still continues and rent is payable until an agreement is reached with the executors of the tenant's affairs to clear the premises and formally end the agreement by Deed of Surrender. This is usually sorted out within a month in my experience.

    I suppose you need to know if the proposed tenant made a will and are executors in place who live in the area - not sure how you introduce that into the conversation.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Thank you Interlaken. A close friend of his has POA finance and health and I would sort things out with her.


        Does he have mobility issues or need other adaptations? Does he have help with cleaning or maintenance?


          No. He's a little deaf, but apart form that he's ok, and mentally with it too. But at his advanced age things could change quickly. He's not short of a bob or two, by all accounts, so could afford help should it be needed.


            Remember Power of Attorney ceases upon death so you would have to deal with the executor of their estate.


              Thanks, I'll check they are an executor too.


                You are likely to have fun when he goes into hospital (temporary or permanent) and no contact with anyone sensible possible for some time.

                Think I'd require next-of-kin details and a nominated person to deal with should there be problems.

                Artful: 72. With a brother, definitely losing it, 82..
                I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...



                  The person with power of attorney should suffice?


                    Whilst it does not seem to be relevant here, section 17 HA 1988 may apply in some cases.


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                      Revisit the repayment plan.

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                      That's fair enough.

                      Offer the agent/landlord a revised plan based on your new circumstances....
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                      If tenanted and then sold, the sale does not end the tenancy nor require tenant to leave.

                      New owner becomes new landlord, even if outside with removals van and screaming kids. Normal eviction processes apply .
                      08-04-2020, 07:47 AM
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                      You have to look at yourself in the mirror every morning?

                      Or on a practical level;

                      The stress finishes off the landlord. The grandson then takes over the estate and is not such a good man. He is very upset at the tenant's low behaviour after the old man
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                      Only reason I can think of is that whilst the property is untenanted the owner puts it up for rent but also puts it up for sale at a high price just in case a buyer willing to pay the high price comes along.
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                      Here in Aus, agents are allowed to do individual viewings, auctions are going ahead (albeit online) and you still see removal vans moving people in and out of places etc Sounds like we're a little less restricted than the UK at the moment.

                      Hopefully we get over all this sooner rather than...
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