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    Hope someone can help.

    At the beginning of September I rented a property for a year on an unfurnished basis. After moving in I found that the landlord had left a great deal of his belongings in the property (most hidden in wardrobes etc). These belongings filled one room and half of the garage. I contacted the letting agent who assured me that these effects would be removed within two weeks. After many delays, phone calls and much nagging on my behalf, the landlord showed up today and took a few things stating he will have the rest removed at the end of this month.

    Obviosly I'm not happy with having to have stored his stuff and not had full use of property. Is there anything I can do now? (Especially if he doesn't show by the end of the month)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tell your Landlord (and send a letter to the same effect by recorded delivery, with the recorded delivery number shown in the letter) that your agreement does not provide for you to store his possessions and so unless he removes EVERYTHING within 24 hours of the date of the letter, you shall begin charging him a sum that you are happy to charge (I would charge 140 per week for what you have described) for the loss of space and enjoyment of your home, which is what the property is while you have a tenancy.

    You have been more than reasonable.

    Send a copy to the agent.


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