Notice served, tenant not understanding

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    Notice served, tenant not understanding

    After ongoing rent payment problems all of last year I finally decided to evict my tenant via solicitors and s21 in November.
    The notice date is now 3 weeks away. Rent arrears are at over 4 months.
    Tenant has messaged promising (heard it all before) to pay rent on full each month from Feb (after notice date) and catch up arrears.
    Does not appear to acknowledge the notice they have received vand signed via special delivery and first class post.
    Should I send a final rent statement up to the notice date (different to rent due date) to further outline the fact I have no plans to reverse the notice procedure?

    Yes, you should send a statement to date adding that, unfortunately due to continued rent arrears you will not be able to afford to continue the tenancy and you hope they will find a more suitable property very soon. This won't be your final statement.

    Your very final rent statement will include interest, cost of sending letters (if that's allowed in your TA), and litigant in person fees.

    And your moneyclaim will include court fees, solicitors fees (the last solicitor I spoke to wanted to charge me £400 per hour!), litigant in person fees etc.


      S21 has nothing to do with rent arrears - it requires no reason at all. No explanation needed.

      But separately serve s8g8,10 & 11. Next time serve s8g10 as soon as any arrears - valid if only 1p underpaid for only 1day. Copy S8 to council & explain "intentionally homeless"
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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