University halls tenants so bad, im thinking of suicide

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    University halls tenants so bad, im thinking of suicide

    Yes Im serious I want some advice as I cant handle over a dozen drunken idiots every night being drunk, smashing bottles, ripping wallpaper off walls, kicking footballs into the walls on purpose, getting locked out and kicking the door to break it to entrance, kicking their asleep friends doors, playing tennis on my window, shouting, screaming, having music on with a home theatre the dial as far as it can go in the room next door, non stop sex a bunch of testerone driven idiots and girls who cant get enough sex. Keeping me awake all night then all day.

    In the 3 months of living here my health and mental state have dropped to the point my doctor has put me on medication, I have got asthma, my blood pressure is through the roof, and i have been physcially sick.

    They treat the hall as if its a party place, EVERY tenant apart from me and 1 other person out of the 20 people who live on this floor are like this, and the others upstairs no longer complain as it gets nowhere, they have stolen trolleys, street signs, have set off fire extinguisher and they are on their 3rd and final warning before they are all chucked out. And none of them are that young, theres about 3 of them who are 19 rest are 21-24

    Doctor wrote a long letter warning if I dont leave im likely to hurt myself or others and such. Also my health has dropped greatly.

    Uni just told me I was being silly and making excuses to be moved. That I got the doctor to make up the things, that they had no empty rooms(strange I know quite a few people who have dropped out and their rooms are still empty) that I have a contract till July etc.

    But its got to the point where Im either going to smash all my belongings plus the windows of my room, buy a cricket bat and just smack the others around the face and head and I know I wouldnt stop.

    As I say im being serious but want to know if legally I can do anything to force them to move me or let me leave contract as I say I cannot cope and have failed essays and likely my year as I cant concentrate

    Am feeling better now but still steamed at the way they are treating me as I say I feel that way sometimes(not that id ever do it)

    Sorry to everyone I was just tired and stressed and fed up.


      Hmm - student behaviour doesn't appear to have changed much in 40 years!

      Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


        I'd get a solicitor's advice and get him to write to the University authorities about the problems you are facing re the other students' behaviour and your resulting health problems. I've always found that getting a solicitor involved early on, if I'm getting the runaround, gets people's attention very quickly.

        Good luck.


          I remember my university halls, after the first term we all wanted OUT! That's also why i think these hyped up student halls at £125pw don't work, students would rather rent a cheap decent house together with people they know.


            Just call the police everytime they get too much. Encourage other normal people on the building to do the same.

            That or start looking for somewhere else to live??


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