Lodgers damaged wooden floor

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    From your photographs there doesn't appear to be any rot. It doesn't look like you need to replace joists. Your photo looks like you have removed a floorboard from the upstairs floor and we can see the plasterboard of the ceiling below.

    I suspect that your wooden floorboards have become loose. They sometimes do this over time and especially after having central heating pipes put in and electric wires. Workmen tend not to replace them as securely as we need.

    I suggest you screw the floorboards down using wood screws. This is easy to do but you MUST be careful not to screw through electric wires, gas pipes, or central heating pipes. You'll know immediately if you do!

    Some people (like my boys' Dad) are just heavy on their feet so loose and squeaky boards are activated when they stomp by, but not when people with fairy feet (like me) barely touch the ground.


      Those joists look pretty new, you might want to look instead at isolating the floorboards from the joists.

      It can be done simply with acoustic strip, but of course means taking up the floorboards, putting the strip on the joists, and relaying the boards. (And may also mean raising any skirting boards to take account of the strip thickness).

      Here is just one such product, google will find many more:


        Nah! just screw 'em down!


          Belt and braces, do both.


            Originally posted by jamescat View Post
            anyone have and idea how much it would cost to replace joists in terraced house?
            But those joists look OK to me.


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