Landlords other tenant assaulted me, what should our landlord be doing?

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    I doubt it will be 1 month Notice ;min 2 months and x month before she can be legally evicted.
    Police may do very little.


      Originally posted by Janerents View Post
      has given her one months notice.
      If he has given one month's notice, then it is not valid (for a S21 notice). Minimum is two months.

      However it might mean he served notice some time ago and there is a month to go.

      Be aware that tenant does not have to leave when notice expires. If she remains, then LL must take court action to enforce the notice (and charge it to tenant).
      So, if she is not out in a month it does not mean that the landlord is not telling the truth.


        I suspect she may have mental health issues. Her comments sound like classic projection. I would go back to the Police with your further evidence and insist they now act.


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