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    Disrepair/heating connected to another property


    I am at my wits end. Moved in to a property on a 6 month AST. Moved in September.

    From the day I walked it it's been a nightmare. As I came through the door there was water coming through the ceiling and it just got worse...

    I will keep it short
    Grade ll listed building, has been separated into 2 residential properties. The main issue is that one of the bedrooms with an ensuite is still connected to next doors heating system , I have had no control over that heating from day 1. LL fully aware and keeps saying the repair will be done asap... this has been going on since October. No heating in the room at all and at best its reaching 7.9 degrees during the day and drops to 2/3 at night. I have had to move my son into a front room/kitchen area as it is absolutely freezing.

    I found a reputable plumber to quote for the work but LL has said the quote is too expensive. The LL keeps arranging different plumbers but they have a history of not turning up. One is due next week....

    Other major work has taken place since moving in, other bedrooms were still connected to the house next door, 2 ceilings have fallen down, no gas safety cert has been produced but apparently there is one, no EPC however, I don't know if this would be an exempt property? No hot water in the basement, waste water comes up through the shower plug and absolutely stinks.
    LL doesn't seem to be in a rush at all. All reported via text as that's LL preferred method of contact.
    I have had a builders report done and it states they feel the building does not meet regulations. No insulation in the loft, not enough radiators in the property and the temp in the house is usually between 10degrees - 15.9 with the heating on. Just using digital thermometers to keep track.

    Have already told LL we wont be staying very long after the AST ends, as soon as I find somewhere else we are out of here.

    I suppose my question is how long is reasonable to wait for repairs? I feel we have been very patient so far but it has been nothing but a nightmare from day one. I have looked on line and it's just not very clear in how long it can be dragged out for.
    We pay the rent in full every month and will continue to do so.

    Thanks in advance.

    Report LL to Environmental Heakth Dept of local Council.


      Also, a letting agent has been arranged for the same day as the plumber, conveniently! It's the only thing that LL has arranged quickley. This is because I have told LL that we wont be staying however, we still have 3 months left of the AST so I think it's a bit unfair given the issues that are on going that shes only keen to re let it before repairing. Am I obliged to let an agent in?


        You're not obliged to let anyone in.
        While you are a tenant, it's your home and you have the right to exclude anyone.

        You might find yourself in breach of your tenancy agreement, though, but there's not much the landlord can do about it.
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        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          If you have documented everything and have photos and email evidence, and if it is that bad, you could probably leave asap as your ll has committed a repudiatory breach of the tenancy agreement. As another poster said, speak to environmental health who can issue hazard notices compelling the landlord to carry out repairs, however that could take some time. If you can find somewhere else you could just leave. You could also apply as homeless as the property as you describe it is unsuitable. The council should then assist you to find a more suitable property.


            jpkeates may have posted on the wrong thread?


              Ok thank you. Yes have applied for social housing. It is really that bad and I am concerned for our safety.

              Everything is documented via text as that's Ll preferred method. I have plenty of photos too. I shall get onto before work tomorrow.

              Thank you


                Originally posted by Jon66 View Post
                jpkeates may have posted on the wrong thread?
                I think I have possibly removed my comment accidentally as I am not familiar with this site.
                The LL has arranged for a letting agent to call round this week and I was asking if I am obliged to let them come and take photos etc to re market the property for when we are gone. Given the outstanding repairs I'm not comfortable with this. I dont want to be difficult but it has been a nightmare from day 1 and unfortunately we have 3 months remaining. Re letting it when we are gone seems to be taking priority.


                  There's no implied right of access for that purpose, so there would have to be an explicit providing in the tenancy agreement before the landlord had any contractual right. However, if you refuse access, the landlord cannot enter, even if he can subsequently sue you for breach of contract, or at least not without a court order.

                  On the other hand, maybe it is possible to leave hints for prospective tenants, that will put them off.


                    Aha, that clears it up. Apologies.


                      You need heating for you and your son. I would advise landlord that as he hasn't carried out repairs you will be buying a couple if oil fiilled electric radiators and will deduct purchase and running costs from rent.
                      You can check if there is an EPC online, I doubt it's exempt.


                        That's interesting how do I find out about the EPC online? I have googled it but I never get very far! Lol

                        We bought 3 oil filled rads which make a very slight difference.


                          Search for the EPC here


                            Thank you. Its saying a G but could potentially be an F. I thought because it's a grade ll listed building it was exempt? I'm unfamiliar with this stuff and getting a bit confused lol


                              It doesn't matter if the building is listed or not (in isolation).

                              Many landlords and agents think that the listed status excludes them from the minimum requirement, they're wrong.

                              If the property is one where an EPC is required (which this one looks like it is), the building has to have a rating of E to be let on a new or replacement tenancy.
                              If your tenancy began in September, it will fall into this category.

                              There are two possible exceptions, which relate to listed buildings.
                              One is that it's possible that an EPC isn't actually required for the building, and the owner has simply had the assessment done voluntarily.

                              The other is that because it's not possible to bring the building to the required level, as a result of restrictions associated with the listing, the property has been granted an exemption to the regulations.
                              The landlord should be able to show you this exemption.

                              So unless the landlord can show that either an EPC is not required or that they have an exemption, the building is not in a lettable condition.
                              The environmental health department should be able to issue an improvement notice, but, based on that certificate, I doubt it will be possible for the property to be brought up to spec.
                              When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                              Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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