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    I'd never thought of that!


      What does the tenancy agreement say the deposit is? If it says a months rent for example it would be easy for the tenant to claim that they paid you one week by bank transfer and the rest in cash. It would be practically impossible for you to dispute this and their penalty claim then goes up to 3x 1 month deposit plus return of deposit. This should not stop you following the advice above but just something to be aware of if the tenant refuses your offer.


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      • Reply to Section 21 & selfish landlord
        by jpkeates
        The sentence that begins "If it's a periodic tenancy" is wrong.

        In practice it doesn't really matter, as Berlingogirl points out, because if you don't move out until the end of the time that you've paid rent for, there's not much the landlord can do in practice.
        But it's...
        21-01-2020, 09:24 AM
      • Section 21 & selfish landlord
        by Policy reader
        what should be done where you have been honestly paying the rent without even delaying a single day and also keeping the property well cleaned & maintained. But now due to your pregnancy & delivery happening very soon the selfish landlord has served you section 21 to empty the property...
        05-01-2020, 12:55 PM
      • Reply to when can i leave after sec 21 served
        by jpkeates
        If you want to leave early, there's nothing stopping you.
        If you give your own notice, the council will be less happy to help you.

        From a practical point of view it will be difficult for the landlord to evict you so they may be happy to negotiate an earlier end.
        21-01-2020, 09:17 AM
      • when can i leave after sec 21 served
        by Shelly24
        i have had a section 21 notice served on my by my landlord. It says on there the last day of the tenancy is April 12th.
        Can i leave before April 12th? Do i still need to give a notice? If so does it still have to be from the date i pay rent?
        Thank you
        20-01-2020, 20:34 PM
      • Reply to Repairs under warranty
        by jpkeates
        In which case, probably.
        You're responsible for the lock (unless the tenant damaged it).

        It's the same as any other repair.

        I'm not too sure why you'd think otherwise, so I am a bit concerned I've missed something....
        21-01-2020, 09:13 AM
      • Repairs under warranty
        by bazzeruk
        We had the door lock changed on our property, which is managed by the letting agent.

        The lock was faulty after a few weeks and had to be changed.

        We are being charged for the call - out

        Is that right?
        20-01-2020, 15:53 PM
      • Reply to when can i leave after sec 21 served
        by Berlingogirl
        Your landlord won't necessarily evict you. Your landlord might be in Italy but she's still only an email away. The house over the road might well be asking more rent but that doesn't mean your landlord wants more rent - a stable tenant paying the rent is what every landlord wants.

        In your...
        21-01-2020, 08:54 AM
      • Reply to when can i leave after sec 21 served
        by Shelly24
        no i have no contact details for the landlord, she lives in Italy.
        Apparently it is down to her insurance? Because i cant pass referencing and im on benefits now.
        What i think is the agent has spoken to the landlord and said one has left, shes on her own, bad credit, this usually turns...
        21-01-2020, 07:56 AM
      • Reply to S21 and Compliance with New EPC Regs
        by mariner
        IMO you would be in breach on 1 Apr, so raise the EPC to required standard before 1 Apr.
        21-01-2020, 01:36 AM
      • S21 and Compliance with New EPC Regs
        by jghomer
        Hi All

        I have a prop which is currently let out on an AST and she has stopped paying.

        I intend serving a S21 this week so the effective date will be around End March.

        The flat is EPC Cat F.

        Now the new Cat E EPC laws come in on 1st April, and I am...
        20-01-2020, 19:02 PM