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  • Advice Please Bad Agent

    I had an agent managing my property who never gave rent on time carried out inventory and lost it, the tenants did a lot of damage prior to leaving anyway we took them to court and he said he had everything under control as it turns out he didnt, hed lost the inventory and we lost.

    As i didnt sign anything with him i changed agents and hes wouldent hand over the current tenants deposits or pick calls or anything. Ive taken him to small claims over the damages as hes got rid of inventory. Anyway he replaced an item in the flat with the other tenants deposit which i had to payback but the deposit wasnt suffient to cover he went £20 over and now hes threatning to get det recovery agency on me to retrive the money £20 and ide have to pay £250 for costing of det recovery as well

    I want to know can he do that without having anything on paper from me?

    Is there any governing body i can report him to? what can he do. hes not a big agent hes got barely 20 properties. and maybe one other staff.

    how does it work?


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