Paperwork for early surrender of tenancy

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    Paperwork for early surrender of tenancy

    I had a tenant who signed a 12 months contract. She left at the end of the second month. So the deposit I was holding covered up her rent. On paper we were even.

    I told her, I don't accept end of tenancy and she should pay rent until I find a new tenant is found. She moved out of the property and she still has the keys.

    I found new tenant. I have not signed them up. I gave her breakdown of the rent owned (void) and costs to be incurred e.g. lock change, deposit protection, furniture which I had bought for her (but not needed by tenant. I told her she can collect it), letting fee (for new tenant). I told her based on the advice on this forum (so thank you), she would be liable for all 12 months rent. I told her, I will not sign tenancy with new tenant, unless she paid for the void and the cost of re-letting.

    I did n't charge her for a lot of things such as cost to show property to prospective tenant and referencing of new tenant. A lot of the work I did myself....

    The property was empty for a month, bad timing due to Brexit... I had to accept a lower rent from new tenant (I did n't charge her for the difference).

    She has paid the money! (I guess it helps having the address!)

    She still has keys. How do I do the paperwork? (if any). I have a text message to say "the property is empty"....... She has paid the money, would that be an agreement to the terms of the surrender of the tenancy? How do I need to cover myself legally?

    In the past, I have had tenant who stay for a couple of months and then do a runner....but they are often not traceable.... in this case it was different... so new territory for me!

    You need to get her to sign and get witnessed a Deed of Surrender - there is a very good one by Lawcruncher on this site.

    Change the locks - end of.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Thank you!

      I have been on this forum for years and is the first time, I found the document section!

      In the search for it, happen to find an old post by Jeffrey!


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