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  • Tenant moving out early

    Hi there, I've found this forum while searching for more information.

    I have rented out my spare room for the first time, having moved into the place in October, it is my place and I own the leasehold, I am allowed to sublet.
    My flatmate moved in on March 1st.
    On April 1st she called me to tell me that she wanted to give me her 1 months notice (Not an April fools). She then told me on Friday that she wanted to move out the next week. Over the weekend she confirmed that she was moving out on Tuesday. I've just gotten back today and most of her things are gone.

    Our agreement states that 1 month's written notice is required before the tenant can vacate. I have her notice which is dated 1st April and is signed, the contract was also signed by both of us.

    She plans on leaving her keys behind tomorrow, about 11am I guess cause she's said that her train is at 1pm. I've only seen her once since she has given me her notice.

    While I'm working I'm also studying for my university finals. This is a VERY inconvenient time for me as my finals are in May, and I don't really want to start interviewing new people for the flat and waste time that could be better spent studying. I personally don't think I could find someone to live here in 3 weeks, it took me a month last time!

    While I'm happy to return the deposit (the room is absolutely fine, unless she comes in with a sledgehammer tomorrow), do I have to return her rent for the period when she has vacated? We haven't discussed it at all and so far I don't get the impression that she's asking for it yet. I just need to know where I stand in case she does. She definitely knows that she's leaving early, but has so far said it's so that "I don't have any trouble finding a replacement". It's a pretty amicable split at the moment, although she has stated that one of the reasons for moving out is that we don't 'gel'. I'm looking at at least 1 month without a lodger before I start looking again.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    edit: Rent payment was received on the day she gave me her notice. It was until the end of April, which is the 1 month's notice period.

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    You have an agreement stating that she must give one months notice, not that she must stay at the property. If she wants to leave early then that is her choice. You do not have to return any of the rent payment to her, just her deposit ( subject to no damage )


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      Notice from Lodger

      Seems striaghtforward enough.
      You have a signed contract which states that one months notice is required.
      Your lodger has agreed to those terms.
      She gave you her one month's notice (in writing) but decided to leave early - that's her choice - she still owes you rent up to the end of her notice period - that's the whole point of a notice period.
      You should return her deposit if there is no damage.


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        Thanks for that. I'm here now and since her door is open I've had a peek, it's almost completely bare, all the furniture is still there, and no visible damage. If she leaves tomorrow, I'll have a thorough look and note any damage. Just been cataloguing my DVDs to see if they're all there!


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          Originally posted by Doror View Post
          Just been cataloguing my DVDs to see if they're all there!
          Think you are being a just little bit paranoid !


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            Probably, but I used to rent and one of my ex flatmates walked off with a whole bunch of stuff that belonged to the rest of us. We lost books, DVDs, kitchen stuff and one of the other's computers! I'm just a little paranoid since then, especially cause I'm going to be away when she finally leaves.


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