Tenant door-stepped by builders!!

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    Tenant door-stepped by builders!!

    My tenant was door-stepped. Hadn't contacted me about a small area of mould in a walk in cupboard.

    Builders knock on door and tell him the reason is the gutter needs clearing. Then when up there tell him other work is needed like 4 slipped tiles and some repointing of chimney and ridge tiles and a few slipped slate roof tiles. Two hours in total.

    They had refused to give him a quote beforehand and told him the cost is £650!! They saw him coming!! He pays them cash then calls me with the assumption I should pay!!

    What a weak idiot but that's another matter. Only relevant clause I can find in AST is that he is responsible to let me know immediately if there is any damage in the house.

    So far I have told him I'm not responsible. You've been door-stepped by a couple of cowboy builders.

    Of course he can withhold rent to cover this so then any claim against non payment of rent will be in my court. If you'll excuse the pun!

    I have reported this to CAB and Action Fraud.

    Anyone got any experience or opinion on this?

    You should suggest he reports the matter to the Police but if you have a written agreement with him that he should contact you about any damage etc then I agree that its his loss not yours. If he witholds rent then you can sue for it using MCOL.

    I think I would also get my own builder to go and have a look at what they've done in case they've caused any more damage.


      I had similar years ago when I got someone in to put gas caps on my chimmney.
      Once up there they suddenly found loose ridge tiles and loose slates - both of which i knew were fine because I'd had them fixed six months previously.

      When I told him that he invited me to climb the ladders and have a closer look.
      You should have seen his face when I did and started walking round on the sloping slates. (My dad used to be a builded and I occasionally helped).

      Doesn't really help you though.

      He's been conned which is not your problem.
      Police to let them know con builders are in the area, and Action Fraud as you have already done.
      But what the tenant paid is his problem, he was conned not you.


        May be tell T to contact trading standards. Remind T, that if there are any repairs which needs to be done they will be carried by your own people, unless it's an emergency and subject to a limit, with invoice and photo's.


          Thanks guys, I was told Action Fraud is the best channel through to the police so hopefully that will lead to some action against these fraudsters.

          Good advice on getting roof checked out soon by someone I trust to check they've not done any damage and get an assessment on what work if any is needed.

          And not heard of MCOL so just found out about them on the internet. Looks good and better than small claims but hopefully the tenant will be sensible and take responsibility for his foolishness.

          Thanks to all of you.


            To add insult to injury for this tenant, I think you would potentially have a claim against their deposit if the scammers damaged your roof.


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