Tenant doesn't want me to fix mirror.

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    Tenant doesn't want me to fix mirror.

    Morning all,

    So I completed my first property inspection at the weekend, all is fine, the property is in great condition.

    However, the tenant mentioned that one night the bathroom mirror came lose and fell onto the floor. The tenant has put it back on the wall but only with 3 brackets. As you would, I said I'd fix the issue asap but the tenant says not to worry about it as it's fixed on by the 3 brackets and likely won't fall again.

    Now I don't think the tenant is the sort to try and stitch me up but I feel somewhat uncomfortable with this. I have since followed up in writing that I am keen to get the mirror fixed, I'm just waiting for his reply.

    Should he reply and say the same, is this sufficient evidence should the mirror fall on him that I tried to fix it but he didn't want me to, or should I absolutely insist it is fixed?


    Repair it despite what T says if on Inventory.


      Just checked and it's not actually on the inventory but was definitely in the property when he moved in.

      Reason for this is because I used a poor letting agent who didn't actually do any inventory or much else. Fortunately the T did take some pictures and has been kind enough to share them with me to put in an inventory.

      I manage the property myself now.


        You can either get the T to sign a disclaimer form, stating they fixed/repaired it and are liable for any accidents. Or you can check it yourself (builder). or alternatively remove the item and get them to put their own mirror in.


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