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    Just to address a few comments.

    Yes the step ladder I use is huge and very scary when I am up there which is why I would never make anyone else get up there.
    We will not lend step ladders in case someone has an accident. We don't want to be blamed.

    We have extendable poles but they are no good for the inside as the windows have secondary glazing and also there are many glazing bars and sash ledges that need to be cleaned.

    The building is grade11* listed so the windows will be there for as long as the building!

    JPKeates - Thank you for making clear the cleaning option. Duly noted. It is a shame because I have had quotes for cleaning at £200+

    Strangely, tenants in the past have had a go at cleaning the windows. This is the only tenant who has said she will only reach as far as she can on tippy toes on the ground. I think she has taken my safety advice to the extreme.

    I think the best suggestion is to increase the rent and accept that I will have to clean the windows on every changeover.


      If the agreement says T is responsible for cleaning the windows, then you can put in a claim for this from the deposit.

      T being responsible does not mean T has to do it themselves.


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