Water leak from the ceiling was not resolved by landlord

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  • DPT57
    If water is continuing to drip into your bedroom and the landlord doesn't deal with it within a reasonable period, you should call in the EHO at your local Council.

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  • JK0
    Ask neighbour upstairs if you can feel around any tanks or radiators nearby. I bet you find the problem.

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  • Berlingogirl
    Have you asked the people in the flat above? If their bathroom or kitchen is above the stain it might be from there and they haven't noticed. Or it could be their radiator.

    If this continues your ceiling will fall down as happened in one of my properties where the tenant didn't inform me of the creeping stain.

    You could draw around the outline of the stain, take a photo, then note when it's bigger, take a photo then send them to the person responsible for repairs.

    No, you can't cancel.
    Yes, you are obliged to pay rent (or with old until your landlord wakes up, but you must put the money to one side to pay it later)
    By the time your year is up the ceiling might well have fallen in.

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  • dabd
    started a topic Water leak from the ceiling was not resolved by landlord

    Water leak from the ceiling was not resolved by landlord


    I am a tenant renting a flat in London.
    Over a year ago I alerted the landlord about a large stain forming on the ceiling of the bedroom and it took months for the building managers to come and check the problem which was likely coming from the flat above. After a few months more they said the problem was fixed or they could not find the cause (can't recall the exact outcome).

    In the meantime, I noticed the stains getting bigger and sent photos to the landlord who said he didn't notice any difference and suggested a paint job. I thought the paint job would probably just attempt to hide the problem and it was not done (yet).

    This evening, water started dripping from the ceiling and I noticed the walls are stained which is evidence of water infiltration.

    Unluckily, just a month ago, I had just signed a tenancy renewal contract for another year.

    I am wondering what is the best course of action to resolve this issue?

    - Can I cancel the renewal on the basis of this issue?
    - Am I obliged to pay the rent when there is water dripping from the ceiling of my bedroom and they might take weeks to resolve the problem?
    - Search for a new place?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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