landlord wanting to evict, but wont follow the law.

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  • theartfullodger
    And call Shelter **Free** helpline 0808 800 4444 if you need advice from elsewhere to confirm our views, they really are the experts.. eg harrassment

    Sorry to hear of this disgrace of a landlord (and disgrace of a human being). Best wishes, keep asking for more help & info.

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  • DPT57
    Keep a log of all the "harrassment" over a period and take it to CAB. They may be able to help you get legal aid to sue the landlord. If he tries to evict you without due process call the police as suggested. I would put money on this landlord not having followed the necessary tenancy pre-requisites that would enable him to serve a valid s21 notice, so I doubt he will be able to evict you any time soon.

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  • Berlingogirl
    Don't respond to any more window knocking. If he wants to do a flat check/inspection he must give you 24 hours notice in writing. Have you changed the locks? If not change them to prevent him coming in. It's easy to change locks you can google how to do it. Keep the original locks so you can put them back should you move out.

    He must give you written notice that he wants the property back and this should be two months (assuming your rent is all up to date and the property is in good condition - not trashed or dirty etc) and this will be in the form of a section 21 or section 8. This doesn't mean you must leave then - it's only notice that he wants the property back.

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  • leaseholder64
    Is this a resident landlord? Can you confirm that you are not actually a lodger?

    The police should get involved, but only when the landlord physically excludes you from the property. As noted, for tenancies, evictions can only be carried out by bailiffs and only after a court order is obtained.

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  • 45002
    Hi there

    Could you answer theses question please

    Its a bit late at night, but to answer your question quickly

    A LL needs to serve correct notice on you and so on, obtain a possession order and use Bailiffs to remove a Tenant, whole processes could take 4 or 5 months even longer.

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  • joshkz
    started a topic landlord wanting to evict, but wont follow the law.

    landlord wanting to evict, but wont follow the law.

    Hi, I noticed others posted landlord problems on here , so I hope thats ok.....
    my landlord has always been somewhat rude, when i first moved in ,some wires were hanging out the wall ,i complained he told me to "dont be stupid" they were 240v wires too......hes a bit of an ass
    But anway this year,hes kept banging on my windows when he wants something,ie a flat check or to ask me to do a favour....
    I got fed up of it, sometimes it would be daily, I kept complaining to the council who kept telling him to stop , he wont, and thinks it isnt illegal...he lies a lot , to the council too, says he lives in my building, he does not. also lies about other things trying to make me look bad to them.........I do not have his address as he wont give it me, i`m disabled and its become almost impossible to find a place to live unles its next to a drug addict or in a very bad area, but i live in a good area and only have to put up with only 1 drug addict.........

    But my main point is at the end of last week i got fed up of the window banging, and texted him about 12 times telling to stop it , and cant do flat check as still not well .... a few days later he came round, says hes done and i have to leave in a month and thats the law,i know its not, i keep ringing shelter, who keep saying "ring the police or council if he tries to evict you, he needs to give 2 months notice" i have been dealing with the council and emailed them 5 days ago it about him threatening to evict me, they arent replying now, they used to, and i also tried to get the police involved who just say its a civil matter,i dont believe these people will help if he tries to evict or change the locks on me, its all very well saying its illegal to evict someone without a section 21, but who is going to arrest him and press charges? i cannot find anyone to help me. words about law mean nothing unles someone will take action.I mean if i`m evicted who do i go to ? a private lawyer? i cant afford that......

    about 6 yrs ago, he evicted someone,i saw all their possesions outside. so i`m a bit worried....but maybe i can change his mind.....he threatened to evict another tenent last month too......then chamged his mind.hes never done that before......i wish i could find somewhere else decent to live but i spent 18 months doing that a couple of yrs ago...... most landlords do not want people on sicknes benefit.and ones that do, offer terrible places i`ve been there and done it.


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    As 'ash72' states you may be angry at the perceived way in which the landlord has treated you but do not mix the two up, If you wish to take on more stress after you have been evicted and may still be looking for a place to live...... which with a CCJ will be all but impossible, go ahead, but i would...
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    I wondered if anyone can tell me if it is possible to counter claim for damage, harassment, poss landlord breach in contract and emotional distress in a section 8 eviction.
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    It happend to our block of flats ( I was the Co. Sec,
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  • Reply to Advice for tenant and section 8 counter claim
    by theartfullodger
    'phone Shelter 0808 800 4444 for advice.
    18-05-2022, 18:31 PM
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    As I said in the original post, the deposit is NOT in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme but, instead is being held directly by the Agent....
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