No MOT, no tax on tenant’s vehicle.

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    No MOT, no tax on tenant’s vehicle.

    It has been brought to my attention that the vehicle belonging to a set of my tenants has had no MOT for over five years (it was due around a month after they moved into my property, five and a half years ago!)
    The vehicle is parked on my land, outside the property, but the tenants drive it on the roads every day. I had been rather hoping they’d be picked up via ANPR but that has not happened as yet.

    It’s the kind of thing that annoys me somewhat- I guess they’ve saved a fortune over five years of not getting MOTs, road tax or (presumably) insurance, but heaven knows what kind of a mechanical condition the car is in, or what would happen if they were involved in an accident.

    We do not get on well with these tenants and I’d be happy if they moved on. What would you do? Could me reporting it to the relevant authorities reflect badly on me if I were to attempt to evict them? We’re in a quiet rural area so there’s no chance the police etc would randomly come inspecting cars up our road, and also there’s no bus route nearby so the tenants would find life difficult without a car.

    Act on it or keep my nose out?

    You can use the link below to report anonymouly.


      A vehicle owned by a SET of tenants?? Usually there's only 1 name.

      Assuming your info is correct...

      Simply report it to DVLA for no tax & (I'm guessing...) no MoT...

      - and 'phone Police 101 and report.. TODAY - NOW!

      I'd evict any tax cheat anyway. Wonder what else they are fiddling...

      HOW did you find out no tax for 5 years, please?
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        Google DVLA Vehicle Check.


          theartfullodger By Set I just mean a couple.
          The no tax/MOT issue was brought to my attention by their neighbours (also my tenants) who don’t like them much either!

          You can report these things anonymously, but given that there are only 3 houses here (ours plus the two tenanted properties) it’s going to be blindingly obvious who’s dumped them in it, and I wouldn’t want to do anything they could twist as harassment, were the poop to hit the propellers!


            leaseholder64 I did a vehicle check- that’s how I know its MOT expired in May 14!


              You can't harass someone by doing your duty as a citizen and using the web site that the government has set up for the purpose you are using it for.

              The tenants might be suspicious, but they'd never know it was you for sure.

              Because the car's on private land when it's parked up, no one can visit there and do anything, because having a car with no tax, MOT or insurance isn't an offence when its on private land.
              Anyone wanting to take action would have to catch them on the road.

              In any case, the "action" is likely to be a letter from the DVLA.
              When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
              Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                Some of the fly on the wall police series suggest the police used to target people known to drive without an MOT or without insurance; the theory is that people who break those laws are likely to be involved in other crime.

                The situation for tax is complicated. DVLA cannot go onto land associated with a residence to remove the vehicle, but it is still illegal unless the vehicle is SORNed.

                Some of these offences can occur on private land, e.g. supermarket car park.


                  I was aware that DVLA only wants to get involved when a car is parked on the highway. It’s debatable whether it’s parked on the highway or on my land; the road broadens out in front of the houses and it’s parked there. It is driven practically every day of the year and the nearest place they could go to is several miles away so they must be covering quite a distance annually; thought they would’ve been challenged over it by now.

                  I’ll sleep on it. I’m sorely tempted to report it to the police/DVLA but it could go either way. If their car being removed made them want to move to a less remote location, that’d be great from my POV, but equally it could burn my bridges with regards to an amicable end to the tenancy; it may make them want to make my life as difficult as possible in return.


                    The Police SHOULD be interested if this vehicle is being driven without valid insurance and i would suggest you call the local neighbourhood policing team and tell them all the details and if you do know what time/day they are likely to leave etc then often they can be in the area to pick them up, the car will then be seized under Section 165 and he/she will be prosecuted. I assure you that if they are not interested then a quick call to your local MP will get them interested very quickly.


                      You should report them. How would you feel if they were involved in an accident that was their fault in which somebody was badly hurt? There's a car been parked on the pavement/road near me with no MOT and it's not been moved since spring this year. The tyres have gone flat and there's leaves all gathered under it. Your post has prompted me to report it.

                      edit: just reported it to the police but I should have reported it to the council.


                        I would also be worried about my property with people that are clearly prepared to flout the law and have such little regard for other people.


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