Compensation for unlivible conditions "long post warning""

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    Compensation for unlivible conditions "long post warning""

    Hi, I've been a tenant for 16months in this new high specs flat and have always paid my rent on time.
    The landlord's agent contacted me regarding a leak in the flat beneath me and sent out the contractors to investigate. They confirmed it was an issue with the building and not my fault. They've said the repairs will last for 6-7weeks and involve heavy drilling through the floor in my lounge and kitchen. They said they could work around me and try their best to minimize inconvenience to me and my kids.
    However, I honestly do not know how this can be done. I won't be able to use the kitchen nor the lounge. This is extremely inconvenient for me and the kids.
    The agent has contacted me with an offer to move us to a furnished flat for the duration of the repairs however, her insurance company refused to pay for Airbnb's as he found the prices high and bnb is out of question as I can't let my family live in a bnb for 6-7 weeks. I purposely rented this property for its modern high specs, however now I'm living in extreme stress and anxiety as I don't want my family to be disturbed in such a way. The agent keeps saying sorry for this inconvenience and that the insurance will pay my rent for the duration of the work. But about the distress and inability to use the kitchen? I know by law I have to let them carry out the work but we will have to endure for 7+weeks long! what about our rights to enjoy our home and the inconvenience and huge distress? Landlord will continue to receive rent from insurance company. However, I think landlord could offer some sort of compensation for the huge distress and inconvenience caused to us? Correct me if I'm wrong....

    I'm not sure what else you are after. Sounds like you want some monetary compensation.

    They have offered to place you elsewhere during the duration of the work, to which it sounds like you refused. You are getting your rent covered the entire time this is going on, meaning a financial benefit to yourself already.

    When it comes to compensation, what are you losses that can be financially considered? if you say it is distress and inconvenience, what is that in monetary value? Theres basically none. You are not going to get any further compensation and it seems like you have had a generous offer made.


      I have been through something very similar but for a considerably longer period of time. Really you should expect to pay your normal rent in full for the duration of these works and then receive alternative accommodation if the property is uninhabitable as a result of the works. You are actually receiving a great deal more than that because you're not having to pay the rent.

      ICAB will not put you up in an AirBNB but what they should try and do is put you in accommodation of a similar nature to that which you are renting, unfortunately because of the limited timeframe you will really struggle. If you can find a short term rental property with similar amenities, in a reasonably similar location and of comparable square footage then you can put that to them for immediate consideration.

      If this isn't practicable or possible then they can only then offer hotel (and it will be budget hotel) accommodation, if you do not accept this then you are left with no other alternatives.

      Whatever you do you must get the buy in of the insurers, don't arrange something expecting them to reimburse you because they most likely won't unless they've agreed to all the details in advance.


        Would it be any less inconvenient if you owned the flat?

        I'd just pack up & move IIWY. There seems little point in moving back again... unless you realise you are getting a bargain?


          Normally the position is that you would continue to pay your normal rent and be accommodated in somewhere as similar as possible to where you would normally live (which the landlord pays for).

          If you have a high spec modern flat a BnB is probably not equivalent and I'd suggest to the landlord (via the agent) that that's what you expect. Short term accommodation in always more expensive than long term accomodation, but an AirBnB is probably too far the other way.
          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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