Shed Broken into - who is responsible for the repair of the shed?

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    Shed Broken into - who is responsible for the repair of the shed?


    My tenant had her shed broken into and a door & lock damaged. The managing agent has said its her responsibility to get it repaired. I am not convinced - I think its my responsibility? I put the shed in when i used to live there.

    Any thoughts?


    Who put on the lock? If it did not originally have a lock and the tenant put on the lock, then there is a potential argument to be made that the tenant is responsible for the lock and the repair (as they forced the burglar to break the door in a shed that was only designed to store plant pots). You are not responsible for tenants possessions.

    Failing the above, you are likely responsible.


      Your shed....Your inventory....Your responsibility. Is it really worth upsetting a good tenant & quibbling over minor repairs? I think not.

      Go with your gut instinct & be a good LL.


        How do we know she is a good T?

        IMO Ts job to report break in to Police and get Crime No for Ins Co.


          Sheds are frequently used to store gardening implements, which can be used to break into property. Therefore they should come with locks. I'd pay up.


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