Tenant not moved in or paid rent

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    Tenant not moved in or paid rent

    A new tenant signed an agreement, paid the deposit, and then collected the keys on the day before the start date of the tenancy, as I am away for a few weeks. Its been 4 days now since the start of the tenancy, the first months rent which was due on the first day of the tenancy has not been paid and a current tenant has informed me that they have not seen the new tenant and the room remains locked.
    I emailed the tenant yesterday to let them know I had not received the rent and to check if all was okay, then followed up with a text this morning, I await a response. Its an odd situation. They are fairly young at 21 but only a couple of years younger than another tenant. I had informed them that it wasn't a house where the tenants socialised together, they are friendly however. Then I had a text from them after collecting the keys to ask for the names of the others in the house so they could add them to Facebook, which is an odd request but I didn't see an issue with giving him the names of those he would be living with. I just suspect they may have had second thoughts. Any advice?

    Any advice?

    How about: Don't give someone the keys without getting the rent paid. You're now going to have to change the locks on the room and the house.


      Changing the room lock is a simple job and I have a spare. With regards to the main door any past tenants could have kept a copy of keys. This tenant is moving out of home for the first time and I have their parents address if there are any issues such as theft from the property. I'm insured for contents of communal areas. This tenant has entered into a legally binding agreement so I don't think I can just change locks at this stage.


        Yeah unfortunately as they've signed and paid a deposit it's as if they have defaulted on a monthly payment and the correct process has to be follow.

        Make sure you protect the deposit properly just in case you need to go through the process. We had a young tenant (first rental) that didn't actually realise that rent was payable in advance so you might be in the same situation.

        Communication is key... And try and avoid using the court system as much as possible even if that means releasing the tenant from their contract early and losing a bit of rent.


          I doubt that insurers will pay out for thefts by people who have been given a key.


            I doubt they would take any of the communal items and these are at least 3 years old now anyway. I've protected the deposit. I'm prepared to release them from the contract. A previous tenant who rented that particular room just over 1.5 years ago has contacted me as they are moving back to the area, they were a good tenant, I could potentially let the room again fairly quickly. I will give the tenant until later today to get back to me and then mention I am prepared to release them from the contract if their plans have changed, but that I would need to keep the deposit to cover rent while the room remains empty.


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