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    Originally posted by MdeB View Post

    Noise cancelling ear buds?
    Yeah, I'm sleeping with those, still the bass comes through...
    And when they smoke weed so hard that the smell comes down from upstairs into my room and fills it up, it's even harder.


      This is an HMO. Is it a licensable one, as I cannot see that allowing residents to smoke cannabis would ever be acceptable? For one thing, there must be a fire risk, as one is dealing with fire whilst intoxicated. Most landlords don't even allow tobacco smoking, because the smoke contaminates the furnishings.


        I don't know if it is a licensable one. It is a 3-storey flat (ground floor + 2 more), and 5 tenants live in here.
        If it stays this way I have to talk to the landlord, but I don't want to be an a*hole and tell him about the weed and smoking inside. It's 4 against me, so I won't get out of the situation very good. I feel hopeless...


          It was subject to mandatory licensing up to October 2018. Whether its still is depends on whether it was purpose built as a flat, and how many flats in the building. Once you have escaped, please tell the council's private rented sector team about it.


            Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
            please tell the council's private rented sector team about it.
            And/or use this as a bargaining chip to get the landlord to release you early from the tenancy.


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            • Reply to Dogs
              by royw
              What does your AST say about it?
              05-12-2021, 23:20 PM
            • Dogs
              by Bridge2020
              My tenant has asked if he can get a dog. Where do I stand on this ?...
              05-12-2021, 11:23 AM
            • Advice on s.8 & s.21
              by Hetty911
              Hi all,

              Long time lurker, first time poster. Would be grateful for advice on the below.

              Have a tenant on a AST which expired in July and has rolled onto a periodic tenancy. Over past 6 months rent has been delayed, partial and on two occasions unpaid. 2 months rent is missing...
              05-12-2021, 22:01 PM
            • Reply to Accelerated possession order
              by Hudson01
              Unless the tenant has dependent children, some, or all with a disability, and some other form of vulnerability for her/him self..... they will be in a crummy emergency accommodation flea pit or a dumpy flat in a place resembling the film set of '' Escape from New York ''. They are deluded.
              05-12-2021, 20:36 PM
            • Accelerated possession order
              by Pariah81
              A tenant has refused to leave the property at the end of her tenancy and has now asked to be evicted as in her words 'that will make her eligible for a council house'.

              I am sending an accelerated possession order through the courts but whilst completed the forms noticed two apparent errors...
              05-12-2021, 18:12 PM
            • Reply to Accelerated possession order
              by theartfullodger
              Thatcher's 1988 housing act makes it clear tenant does not have to leave at end of fixed term

              Why help tenant take a council property from a more deserving case? I'd decline to serve s21. S8 if possible... (was she ever late with rent?)
              05-12-2021, 19:17 PM
            • Reply to Accelerated possession order
              by Pariah81
              Ok so it looks like the section 21 notice is invalid as a result of this error. The deposit scheme was not in place at the time of the notice.

              Apparently the deposit has to be returned in full....
              05-12-2021, 18:35 PM
            • Reply to Dogs
              by ash72
              The good thing is they have asked you prior to getting one, so the decision is yours. If you do decide then I would suggest you increase rent to compensate for your loss in the future.
              05-12-2021, 17:21 PM
            • Reply to Dogs
              by jpkeates
              I wouldn't, but it does depend on what type of dog.
              You should assume your carpets will all need replacing.
              05-12-2021, 16:21 PM
            • Reply to STA, Section 8 and Court delays/Christmas
              by jpkeates
              Assuming it's an AST (STA's are Scottish)...
              You don't have to renew the tenancy, just let it become periodic.
              And, you're right, don't renew it.

              To repossess, you'll either have to attend court or pay a solicitor to do so on your behalf.

              If the tenant doesn't owe...
              05-12-2021, 16:13 PM