Convert a dining room into a bedroom

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    Convert a dining room into a bedroom

    How to convert a dining room into a bedroom? Do I need planning permissions?

    You won't need planning permission.

    If all you are doing is moving furniture, I can't see why you would need building control consent; both are habitable rooms so likely to need the same fire escape provisions.


      For a bedroom I believe that there are regulations/legislation covering size, daylight, fresh air and escape in case of fire. You can google these individually to make sure yours complies.


        I think the escape requirements are the same as any habitable room, and the dining room will be one.

        For overcrowding purpose, the dining room will already be counted towards the allowable bedrooms, so the change won't affect the maximum occupancy (except for an HMO).


          Originally posted by tommiuk View Post
          How to convert a dining room into a bedroom?
          1. Remove dining table and chairs.
          2. Put in a bed
          3. Go to the pub for a well-deserved beer



            There is two kitchens in my house. One kitchen is together with open plan living room and second is a dining room with kitchenette. I would like to convert dinning room into a bedroom (there is exit to the garden) and kitchenette convert into a utility room (there is a boiler, no cooking facilities). I have to put a wall between kitchenette and dining room and seperate door to utility room. Do I need planning permition for that?.


              The question you should be asking is about building control.


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