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    Looking for a humidity monitor

    Does anyone know of a way of remotely monitoring humidity in the flat that we rent out? Sometimes we end up with tenants that complain about mould and I'm pretty sure its condensation because they don't ope the windows in winter.

    But unless you can hide the connection somewhere, the tight buggars will unplug it.

    It's almost a universal thing with my tenants. 14 out of 15 properties are like the rain forest indoors. You just need to confiscate trickle vent shutters, make sure bathroom fan cannot be switched off, and provide tumble driers & washing lines.

    Also, put some labels on windows as follows:

    To avoid mould: Open windows & doors for 30 minutes daily
    Do not dry washing indoors
    Do not put furniture on exterior walls


      I bought a small device about the size of an alarm clock which I used in these situations - but it wasn't remotely operated. When using these devices it is probably more useful to have the relative humidity in various areas of the house so that you can isolate any areas of the dwelling differing from the normal range.

      Now would be a good time to address this issue as the summer in theory should give the lowest readings unless you have a damp problem within the structure itself. I accept JKO's advice but you should also consider the possibility that there is another issue, You should check the rainwater gutters for leaks and blockages and also consider that you may have a roofing issue. For example the flashing around the chimney may be broken and water is entering by running down the chimney breast. In a flat you also have to consider a leak or broken washing machine upstairs.

      You have to take this seriously as mould left untreated can be hazardous to health and most times the landlords have to be more proactive than the tenants to solve it.


        Good advice about the leak checks etc

        We've done all that stuff. Now it's just down to the question "Is this new tenant a 'window-opener' or a 'dry lots of clothes/shower,breathe and live in a sealed bubble'.
        I was thinking a gadget that sent a report might be useful to flag up tenants that need guidance before the 'blackness' appears and then have to educate them


          You can purchase remote monitoring, but the challenge would be how to connect it to enable you to receive the signal?? You wouldn't be able to use the tenants internet.

          Fit Positive Input Ventilation fan and constant running fans in bathroom and kitchen.


            My advice which I've done, is give the T a dehumifier (around £60-£100) most of the time they use it as I tell them the benefits of it both to their bills, and their health. After around 3-6 months I then remove it and tell them to buy their own if they require to have the benefit of it.


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