Can I Sue The Council for negligence ?

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    Can I Sue The Council for negligence ?

    Wondering if someone can help me here.
    I live in Council Estate. Having a mortgage and been living here since 2002
    Earlier this year gang of thieves entered Storage Room (doors are secured with number lock) and broken into my storage and tools worth approximately £ 2000 were taken.
    I was not the only victim, other tenants had their belongings stolen too.
    One of the tenants Also, his car broken into
    Meanwhile, he has gone, he had enough....

    Long story short..on 06 09 i reported to Council that Storage Room lock was broken and any gang can come back to demolish storage.

    I can only assume that that lock has been broken for some time since response I received by email was they didn't know lock was broken.
    (although here is cleaner here every day and CCTV but i have never received info that CCTV actually works.

    I was away from 09.09 and just came back today and realized that lock has been fixed.
    I wanted to put luggage back into storage only to be shocked that my doors were opened(lock broken again) and others doors too

    I just contacted the police and only was given a reference number and told might be called to see if the forensic team would come.

    Considering all this I am thinking after over 17 years to sell this flat.
    Or even Sue The Council for negligence ..does anyone have any suggestions is this even possible considering I feel Council behaves like they failed to ensure security for all tenats.

    Stress, money spent is not worth staying here anymore.

    Maybe someone can help?

    Yes, stories like this one and others I've heard about negligent Council freehlolders and trapped leaseholders made me realise some time ago that Right to Buy, particularly where the property is a flat or on an estate, is not always the easy pickings that the erstwhile tenants assumed


      Leaseholders can be resp resp for insuring their own residence,not the freeholder.


        I am not sure in what way the council has been negligent.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          Your claim is obviously against the thieves.

          But you can sue whoever you like for whatever you like. Case may or may not be accepted and you may or may not win.

          You could sue Bozo for being an incompetent who never actually does anything:
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            I understand..but my point is that this is the second time the same thing happened and i even told them it would happen.
            CCTV that is on top of the building looks like is only for decoration purposes.
            My point is that since i am paying so many bills, surely Council has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the estate.

            First time when it happened, nobody even reported it, like 5 days after a gang broke into it..

            Surely,at least they can do know it install CCTV in storage room itself,fix all the looks and change entry door (key -rather then number lock as it originally was)
            Damage done in my case i reckon is approx 2K.(mainly tools taken...)


              You are asking for something that would normally not be a recoverable cost on a private sector lease. Right to Buy leases often do provide for improvements, so that might not be true in your case.

              Also, I note that the costs of providing security to vehicles is not allowable against UC, even if it is allowable against the service charge, and whilst not quite the same, I imagine that the authorities would treat this more like a vehicle than a house.

              You bought the property with the level of security it actually had, and you chose to store expensive tools, in that knowledge.

              On a technical detail, conventional metal keys are a problem in this application, as they will get lost, get copied, fall into the hands of the criminal fraternity (which are represented even on private sector estates, and probably more so on council ones). If you want to maintain security, you will have to regularly change the locks and issue new keys. Even the simple, 4 out of 12 push button locks can be easily recoded, and the new "key" distributed as a slip of paper. More sophisticated ones may have a code per user, meaning that compromised codes can be replaced without inconveniencing anyone else.

              CCTV is also quite rare in older private sector developments, and is probably more effective as a deterrent than in actually identifying criminals.


                Unfortunately, it looks like you are right. Police are asking for CCTV footage but since it is not working anyway there is probably nothing the can do. They probably would do nothing anyway.
                It is clearly a waste of money and time just installing it ..
                What upset me the most is the fact that nobody in this block report anything and even once reported it takes like ages for council to do something.
                It is like nobody cares.
                I reported it just days before it happened again..but what is the point?

                It is probably the most useless Council in London


                  Any non-workng Security system can have a detterence factor untll sussed eg dummy alarm boxes.
                  L has no duty to provide CCTV in communal areas and is best advised not to do so,


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