Evicting a tenant with a year old Possession Order

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    Evicting a tenant with a year old Possession Order

    Rented property is in England
    AST – Wife only is named tenant – Husband and wife and 2 children reside
    TA is periodic from 2012
    6 months initial
    TA states rent due monthly
    Deposit of 1 month paid on moving in – held with DPS
    Property is self contained 2 bed flat

    Hi, I hope you can help me . . . I have a tenant that was bad at paying rent. I took them to court in October last, they did not attend and I got Possession Order. Subsequent to court they said they wanted to remain and they paid all arrears up over time and I let them stay on the understanding they keep it up and they said they would. They pay weekly and have done so for years.

    Now they have missed a weeks rent (£210) and when I brought it up, despite saying they will repay, they have not done so. I was going to enforce the Possession Order but not sure how to do it, what notice to give etc. because I dont want to get into the old situation with them again.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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