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    Finding new tenant

    Tenants are leaving so looking for new ones for a 2 bedroom flat.
    I usually use state agents and they found 2 single guys which I met last Friday. Both engineers, mid 20s with masters degree and working for the same reasonably medium size company who employ 700 people. Both pleasant and polite. But one thing is bothering me, after the meeting they drew an outline of the flat and measured the lounge, the 2 bedrooms and the hallway, I haven't seen such in the past. I asked why and the reply was "we are engineers and we like measuring". This made me a bit suspicious of intentions and plans they have. Any thoughts?

    Also to note the flat is furnished with 2 sofas, tv table, 2 coffee tables, bookcase and dining table&chair in the lounge. Wardrobes, double beds, bedside tables, chest of drawers in the 2 bedrooms. One of them ask me for study desk and I declined. From the past experiences, previous tenants didn't need bring extra furniture apart from one study desk or a coffee table. Why measure?!

    Maybe they do have some extra furniture to bring and wanted to know if it would fit. I am not too sure if measuring rooms is suspicious, if i were buying a property i may well do the same.


      Yes if buying definitely measuring is normal but not for a furnished letting. I see what you're saying extra furniture but everything needed is there plus you can see what space available, why measure. They measured overall length and width of the rooms, would have made sense if they measured what space available, They measured the hallway too which is 3m x 1m with 4 doors to the the rooms plus main entry door and storage area, can't fit anything there.
      I can't think what extra furniture is required. I have suspicious of sub letting or running business. At the moment both living with their parents. Also their work place will be 15 miles drive when they can find near their work which is cheaper area save few hundred pounds a month on rent plus petrol and more importantly travel time. I did ask why rent here, they said to be nearer to London, friends....etc.


        If you're not happy - reject them.


          I have measured the property I rent, I always do and draw up dimensioned floor plans to scale in Autocad. (With a copy for the LL).

          Comes in handy when the LL wants to get new carpets, or work out how much paint/wallpaper he needs to redocorate.

          There are also a couple of very awkward corners (one with a low timber beam across it) for getting furniture round, having the plans on the computer means that you can assess if say a king sized double bed would get round. (It won't).


            I won't rely on tenants to give me dimension for a new carpet tbh, either measure myself or send professionals, how many times I got new carpet while tenants in? None in my case in the last 15 years of 2 properties.

            Corner and beams are fair enough to measure to see how furniture may fit.


              I spoke to the agent today and he is convincing me there won't be trouble as they are young professionals and passed references ...etc. I suggested rent guarantee and they sent me the company they use £195 for 12 months, are they good and any alternatives one recommends? Do these people pay when tenants default or would they find ways out a claim?


                Originally posted by artin View Post
                I can't think what extra furniture is required.
                It is not what is required, it is what they want.

                A friend of mine is an organist and has a large organ.

                Maybe they have large display cabinets for their collection of models, or a hobby for which they have specific furniture.
                Or perhaps it is as innocent as having inherited a large writing desk to which they are attached (I could understand this one).


                  They'll be working out how many growbags they can get in.


                    I'd still let to them but before doing so would make it clear that you'll be carrying out a courtesy visit in around 6 weeks/2 months to see how they're getting on and if there are any problems.


                      I am accepting them but having rent guarantee insurance in case plus as above 2 months inspections. I also asked the estate agent to add a condition where to ask me if they want to add any bulky furniture except study desks for each bedroom which they wanted me to supply but I refused.

                      The estate agents charges are going up as they are charging me more to share their losses as they can no longer charge tenants. I am planning not to use them in the future and what steps do I need to take but for another time and another thread.


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