Tenants leaving, need to show new tenants

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  • Tenants leaving, need to show new tenants

    My tenats have signed a 6 mth ast but are leaving early. I have verbally agreed to this on the condition they leave the place tidy etc.
    I have new tenants interested and therefore need to show them around. Current tenants are now not cooperating. Should I write to them via recorded delivery telling them I will use my own key to show prospective tenants around in 48 hrs time?

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    Hi Fred. Although it's frustrating, you cannot let yourself in to show round new tenants. It's illegal to do so. If your tenancy agreement states that the tenants must allow you to show around prospective new tenants, then just refer to that in your letter. Mention that it forms part of their responsibility under the tenancy agreement. If they refuse however, there is nothing you can do about the situation.


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      Think the answer is if they wont let you show new tenants arround then they have to stick to the contracted six months. They cant have their cake and eat it.


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        Indeed you should refuse to allow them to leave unless you have written confirming they can leave early. Also does your contract not say anything about allowing you to show with notice, presumably if they refuse access you may have legitimate reason to withold some of the deposit to mitigate losses from not being able to rent place straight away.


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          The leaving tenant should expect to pay the rent for 6 months or until your new tenant takes up residence. They should be more than willing to cooperate.


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            I'm onto my 3rd tennant now and each time I lose 2 weeks due to advertising to moving in.


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