Landlord want to keep deposit to repaint after 5 years

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    Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
    you might be doing it yourself, but if you are counting that at zero cost you are not valuing your own labour properly
    There is a difference between cost and value.
    Cost is the monetary value expended to obtain something.

    You may choose to spend money on hiring someone to decorate; I choose to spend that money on something else.

    Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
    I use carpeting that costs around £20/m^2
    I use carpet with lower cost. I use a guy I trust who does not have the overhead of a shop/showroom (nor other staff).

    I also work on the basis of tenants (and indeed homeowners) will inevitably get dirt, etc, into carpets that is not easily removed and I do not believe that tenants should be expected to live with an excess of other people's dirt. That is why I expect to replace carpets every 5 years or so when there is a turnover of tenants; but I have let properties for 10 years and more without changing the carpets because it is their dirt (just as I have carpets in my home for more than 10 years because it is my dirt),

    Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
    I asked you what you thought would deteriorate in the wall but you didn't reveal that
    I did not respond to that point because I had nothing to say on it.

    What I can say is that in any room there will be one wall that deteriorates because of normal living and will need repainting (to met my standards), and I will then repaint any non-deteriorated wall at the same time.


      Originally posted by Username51 View Post
      The TDS guidelines state Redecoration is 3 - 5 years!!!
      Indeed. And my precise point is that this is ludicrous as a blanket rule.


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