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    Check out errors

    Good morning

    I am a landlord and tenants recently departed.

    The letting agents arranged for a check out report to be completed, but when I visited the property two days later, a lot was missed. I have requested an updated check out report.

    I have made a claim against the deposit for deductions, but it now transpires that the tenants have a copy of the checkout report which didn’t record any damages.

    Tenants now state that they have the report and disagree with damages, save for a couple.

    A couple questions:

    1. Assume that I am stuffed now trying to recover anything other than what is recorded in the first check out report (the wrong one)
    2. Tenants agree to some damages, but not labour costs to have repairs done. Will the deposit scheme adjudicator agree to labour costs?
    3. Will there be a right if recovery agains the tenants through the small claims court or against the agent for the awful check out report?

    Another way in which unprofessional agents cause damage to their clients. Why on earth did they give the report to the tenants before it was examined for veracity?

    Put it down to the cost of using an agent.

    Tenant's cant agree to damage but not agree to aspects of the cost of correcting that damage. Given the operation of deposit schemes - you are probably mostly stuffed. Vote with your feet and DIY or find another agent unless they facilitate a correction of the current problem. The rate of rent you charge will or should take account of the fact that you are going to experience considerable unrecoverable losses as a result of the operation of the system. The good tenants pay the cost of this ultimately.

    Inventory agents only have a partial view and have no right whatever to agree with or transmit anything at all to tenants - who are not their clients. Doubt you will have much success on this with SCC however but I would politely decline to pay their fee.


      Was the check out done by an independent clerk? Who sent the report to the tenant before you had signed it off? That is really poor service, from whomever.

      As a clerk I NEVER send check outs to anyone other than the person who commissions me. There are so many stages for a check out to go through before the tenant gets given the full picture and the clerk is never in a position to know the details.

      If a clerk I would suggest you start with their complaints procedure and then report to whichever Association, if any, they belong to. And yes, refute their fee, maybe make a claim against their insurance!

      If the agent, then pay them off and don't use them again!


        If the tenants have admitted responsibility for some of the damage then it is worth claiming the full cost, less any deduction for wear and tear, from the deposit scheme. However as you haven't mentioned a deduction for wear and tear that could outweigh what they have offered,

        You will have difficulty claiming from the tenants for any damage they have not admitted.

        Was anyone in the property during the 2 days between reports? If not pursue whoever did the report.


          Basically, forget about this whole 'inventory, deposit, adjudication', rigmarole. It's a complete farce. Just add maybe 5% to your rents.


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